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  1. james_saudade

    July 2020 - Citizenship application

    Haven't logged in sorry Recd July 13
  2. james_saudade

    Help me choose between these colleges- George Brown College, Seneca International Academy(Markham campus), Durham College and Fanshawe College.

    can you apply for pgwp with a graduate certificate program? I graduated from the it program in George Brown. it was .. okay.
  3. james_saudade

    Buying condo GTA vs Waterloo

    absolutely sucks go train green line does not have a big schedule like some of the other lines
  4. james_saudade

    Universities for Civil Engineering

    Please The pgwp years is the length of your degree if it takes <2 years so you should be getting 1 year or 1 year and 4 months Please ask an immigration consultant to make sure. It's been a while since I was an international student
  5. james_saudade

    Universities for Civil Engineering Says 12-16 months here.
  6. james_saudade

    Universities for Civil Engineering

    you want easy admission than i can tell you meng is easier to get into than masc in general, with less scholarship/bursary either way they need your letter of intent and reference i believe the higher gpa the better afaik the engineering programs are well rounded at u of t so i think it'd...
  7. james_saudade

    I am shocked by the tiny tiny market of Canada

    Haven't you made a similar post on RFD? 2 month is honestly not long for job search The pandemic certainly isn't helping either. My internship got cancelled as well :( Anyway a decent amount of classmates from college got decent programming job after graduation and they come from different...
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    Is it advisable to prefer online classes?

    I have no idea about the study permit thing but congrats .. Queens is a great school :p
  9. james_saudade

    July 2020 - Citizenship application

    Hello everyone Just dropped off my application today Location: Toront ON Application Sent: July 6th, 2020 Type of application: Single Physical presence: 1096 days Cheers :) James