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    Should we apply for a visitor visa or Open Spousal Work Permit.

    Your wife can apply for Open Work Permit if she’s planning to work in Canada. She can not work on a visitor visa. She needs a work permit to work in Canada as a temporary resident. Which will be better between visitor visa and open spousal work permit? It depends on her case and plans. You...
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    What's the difference between an OB and an midwife

    Both OB and midwife are both qualified in assisting their patient.
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    Do you need a Family Physician???

    It would be better if you have family physician for emergency purposes.
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    Federal Skilled Worker Class Action Lawsuit

    I do hope that everything would be just fine!
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    medical exam

    i think u just have to follow the instruction from the front desk officer.
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    My daughter born outside Canada

    Hi, Good day. My name is Russ Weninger and I'm a Barrister and Solicisitor in Canada. I want to give you a couple of guidelines when applying a citizenship for children under 18 years of age. -the person applying is the child’s parent, adoptive parent or legal guardian - the child...
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    I have job offer and working since last 3 months, but not 1 year exp.

    Your application requires one year continuous working experience. So, if you worry that you may not be able to apply for another level, then just stick to their requirements. If you will follow that, there will be no problems.
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    E cas status disappeared

    Hi! That really happens sometimes. Maybe, they are taking too much time in the authentication of your documents. Or some technical difficulties suddenly occurred. But better consult your immigration office for the assurance that nothing is wrong.
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    Refused skilled worker application - Phd stream

    If they are trying to look for the credentials, then gather all the necessary documents. Evidences really matter. Give them your exact job description. After that, try to re apply.
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    Refused skilled worker application - Phd stream

    I think, you should re apply. If they are insisting about the one year working experience, then give them more evidences that you really have. Give them the complete details of your job description in your country. Resubmit all the necessary files.
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    E cas status disappeared

    ECAS status: They're just checking the authenticity of your documents. In most cases, this could take a very long time depending on your visa application. If the ECAS status "disappeared", better check it to immigration office. Sometimes, there are technical difficulties.
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    my application refused, need advise

    In regards to your application, I can see that the underlying problem came into scene because of the insufficient evidence. What you are going to do now is to look for those evidences first and try to resubmit your application.
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    A question about one-year CONTINUOUS working experience

    Hi. Try to recompute the hours that you spent for all of your part time jobs. Did they sum up to 37.5 per week? Continuous working experience should consist of 1 year.
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    Canadian Temporary Resident Visa Applications: What You Need To Know

    If you are a foreign national who wants to visit or temporarily reside in Canada, you may be required to apply for a temporary resident visa if your country is not exempted from the provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. At present, there is an average of 1million temporary...
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    having benign tumor can pass medical exam?

    yeah, they will accept the immigration but they will make sure that he is in good health however delay must be expected
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    Worried about having Psoriasis (non-contagious skin disease) in the Medical PE

    just prove that it is not contagious and i don't think it will be a problem...
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    pregnancy issues

    no. i assume u're 6 month pregnant that time, so you'll be landing in Canada pregnant