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    Passport stamping for permanent residents and foreign nationals

    If I am a returning PR entered by land through the US border, can I request the officer to stamp on my passport so that I have an entering date proof for applying the provincial insurance 3 months later. Or they only stamp on visitors' passport?
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    Landed PR, bought self-use property overseas as non resident

    Hi all senior members, I am asking on behalf of the family of my buddy Jonathan. My buddy's wife Betty studied high school in Alberta and landed as PR with her parents in Nov 2013, she spent another 22 months in Alberta for studying college after landing. After graduation, she has not worked or...
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    Please help me with my child's schooling

    Yes, I have not met the 2 yr RO. If my kid is applying for international student visa, the authority will find out that I am a PR with expired PR card staying in Canada? International student should send application to individual school or to the district board that I am going to stay? Thanks.
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    Can I LEGALLY work in canada even if the PR card has expired

    Hi, can share with us how you could get back with expired PR card from overseas? thanks
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    Please help me with my child's schooling

    Hi, you meant your child can attend public school only to pay international fees? As I am a PR and planning to go back to Toronto for good, but my kid aged 10 has not got PR status, I wonder if my kid can come with me and I heard that my kid needs to pay international fee around CAD15,000 a year...