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    Hello, Do anyone here knows if a grandparents can hire /sponsor a caregiver for their grandchild? Thanks in advance for your reply .
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    STUDY VISA with Husband

    HELLO I have query i hopeanyine can share their thoughts.. I am 45 and i want to study in Canada is my age still elligible ? And if in case granted do my Husband can join me in Canada??? Thanks ...
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    Visit Visa application for a Son

    Hello , We have a visitor visa (both me and my husband) but the visit visa of my son has been expired . I want to re apply a visit visa for him . Can anyone tell me on how or what will be the process. Thanks for your time .
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    Visitor Visa Online Application payment

    Hello Anyone can assist me. I am applying for a visitor visa online but when i am paying my fee , I cannot see the part where can I pay my transaction. Can you please share me your thought
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    Hello, Can anyone share your thoughts my niece from Manila Philippines applied a visit visa along with her parents , mother age is 65y/o . father age is 55 y/o . And she received a reply regarding their application and the immigration of Canada was requiring them a MEDICAL EXAM. . Is...
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    Hi Anyone can please enlighten me with my queries . My niece is a 32 y/o and she has good and stable job in my country. She wanted to apply a visit visa in Canada and she wanted to bring her retired parents with her my question is would be ok if she will be the principal applicant and her...
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    Hello , I am a filipino with tourist visa approved on hand to me now. my question is am i elligible to apply an ETA in Seimens, Regards, FE
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    UPLOAD A File

    Hello, Is there anyone has an experience of t this error , I tried to open on a different browser but i have encountered this error. Validation error: You have not completed the mandatory fields or you have not completed them correctly. Please make corrections where indicated. Error...
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    Can anyone share your advise . How am I going to get the correct National Occupational Classification code for my job currently am working as warehouse manager as SKILL TYPE 0 but the detailed job description of mine falls in SKILL LEVEL B Do i need to consider the skill level b.?
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    Visit VIsa expires on August 31,2016

    Hello , Can someone again tell me if i need to renew my Visit Visa prior to my visit on AUGUST 15 to Sept 3, 2016 because it has to be expired on AUGUST 31,2016 Please your advise. Thanks you
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    Visit VIsa expires on August 31,2016

    hello, I just wanted to ask your thoughts , actually my visit visa will be expired on August 31,2016 . And I am planning to visit Canada on August 12,2016 until September 12,2016 , Can I still use my Visa even it will be expired on 31 of August. Thanks .
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    Visit visa stamping

    Hello, Is there anyone who experience how many days or weeks the visit visa tamping in United Arab Emirates, I sent my passport one week ago I need to know when I can expect atleast to receive it back to me Thanks appreciate your feedback.
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    Hello, Please anyone to advise for IMM5257 do I need to sign the form then scan to submit ? Thanks
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    hello , Please advise! My visit visa will be expired on August 2016 when can I re apply again? do I need to wait until my visa will be expired? Thanks
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    Hello, Please share your thoughts as I need to send my academic records in WES I have some queries. 1.The WES will provide the Reference number upon payment.? 2. Do my institution can send both my credentials the Transcript of Records and my diploma. 3. Or I will send my diploma and by...
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    visitor visa with my brother

    Dears, i am going to re apply a multiple visa since my visa will going to expire next year . would it be ok if i will include my brother on my application as I will be the principal applicant? your thoughts please.
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    Immigrant applicant to apply Visit Visa

    Need your advice with pending application as IMMIGRANT would be possible to apply for a VISIT VISA?
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    MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA - How long can stay in Canada ?
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    Do i need a travel insurance for one month tourist visa only?
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    Single Entry Visa to apply a MULTIPLE eNTRY Visa

    I got my single entry visa before and now I want to apply a multiple entry visa along with my husband . What would be my chances of getting the approval of Multiple Visa. Kindly please share your ideas.