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    Net Worth Verification for Business Entepreneur

    Hello Does anyone know that what is the cost for the NET WORTH VERIFICATION by the BC PNP Qualified Supplier? Who are the Qualified supplier in British Columbia for Entrepeneur PNP program?
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    Education Credential Assessment

    Hello, I have done Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) Full Time Course from Lovely Professional University,Punjab . Can anyone tell me from where i can get my Education credential assessment as in WES my university is not listed in WES . So please tell me who has done his bachelor degree...
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    Hello everyone i want an advice from you all . I have done BBA in 2013 from India and i have 6 year work expereince as a manager in retail store . My age is 27 . Can anyone tell me which province i should go for and under which program so that i can easily get the PR soon .
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    Enterpreneur immigration British columbia

    Hello I am thinking to apply for BC enterpreneur immigration . Can anyone tell me what are the difficulties to face after getting the work permit and getting your business establish under that stipulated time . What are the difficulties after operating the business and how long it takes to get...
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    BC Entrepreneur Immigration

    Hello, I am applying under British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration. I am scoring 65 marks out of 120 this would be the enough points to qualify the programme else 80 points is for business proposal but i just want to ask for 120 points not for 80 points .