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    CERB and Jan 2020 students

    Hi. I came in january 2020 but have been able to earn 5000$ in three months including 3500$ of referral commission which is considered to be self-employed. I am laid-off from my part-time job at McDonald’s. Can i apply for CERB ? Please reply fast. Thanks in advance.
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    PGWP for 3 years ??????

    I have 8 months course and it finishes in the end of august and next 8 months course begins jan 2021. Will this gap between create any trouble in PGWP? Please tell
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    I got refusal on 20th december and my classes start on 13th jan while i have submit visa approval till 9th jan. i may get an extension of upto a week and will re-lodge my file tomorrow. I have posted all my profile, time line and refusal reason in next comment. Please suggest that is it worthy...
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    Profile - IELTS- 7.5 BANDS B.COM- 75% +2- 95% 10th- 9.2 CGPA NO GAP Applied to York University post-graduate Accounting Certificate on 29th NOV with upfront medical, biometrics on 4th DEC, medical updated on 12th DEC, got refusal on 20th DEC. Below is the SOP: STATEMENT OF PURPOSE...
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    WEBFORM?? Is sending webform after processing time lead to any negative impact ?

    i applied on 29th nov with upfront medical, biometrics on 4th dec, medical updated on 12th dec. no update after that. I want to get quick response as many with similar timeline have already got decision. My profile, academics, financial background and sop is also strong. Pls guide
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    What should i do? Indian student

    applied 29th nov with upfront medical, biometrics on 4th dec, medical updated on 12th dec. no update after that. Many students with similar or even later time line have got approvals while some before me are still waiting. I have a strong profile, sop, 7.5 bands, 75% bcom, 95% +2, no gap. When...
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    Anyone from york university, toronto. Need urgent help

    I have applied on 29th nov, got biometrics on 4th dec, medical update on 12th dec. my classes start on 13th jan and orientation is on 10th jan. suddenly today my agent said that he got mail from university that i have to show my approval to the university before 20th dec which may not be...
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    Any1 from the end of november got approval ?

    i applied on 29th nov from vfs chandigarh. Got biometrics on 4th, medical update on 12th. When can i expect approval ? I have flight on 23rd and have only five working days left to get approval and stamping. Pls guide i should wait or cancel the flight.
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    York University ? Toronto ? Anyone

    any1 going york university or any other college in toronto for jan intake
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    Applied 29th nov, biometric 4th dec, medical update 12th dec. approval when ?

    i have flight on 23rd that means i need my visa stamped till 20th bec 21,22 weekends. Min. 3 days required for stamping that means i need approval till 16. What are the chances i have a very strong profile and sop. Can any1 tell the trend and prediction.
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    26-27-28-29-1-2-3-4 biometric dates. Who got visa ?

    i applied on 29th, biometric done and updated on 4th, medical not yet updated as on 12th december. I have flight on 23rd. Can i get approval till 17th ? Everyone inform your time line
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    Medical not yet accepted ?

    i applied on 29th nov, got my biometric on 4th. No medical, background check or any other field yet verified. Whereas on other hand, people who gave biometric on 29th have recieved approval. I have my flight on 23rd. What should i do ? Can stamping be done asap once i get approval ?
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    Anyone who applied on 26-27-28-29 nov got visa? Please update your timeline

    i applied on 29th, got bio metrics done on 4th, no update after that. I donot have the GCkey so dont know what is the status. I have heard some people getting approval who filed on 26th. My ticket is booked for 24th if december which is non-refundable (british airways). Pls guide
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    I have applied on 29th november for jan intake and my flight is booked on 23rd dec.

    will i get visa and get my passport stamped till 20th ? Also, i gave biometrics on 4th december. Waiting for your all advice. Is there anyone who has applied before or near this date and got visa please reply.