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    Waiting time for PPR. THX!

    anybody got reply after sent the RPRF and biolo date?only got the automatic reply from cic,its been10 days already. no idea what is next. i am May 27applicant
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    How long it takes to get RPRF & biodata ?

    Hello,all. Is RPRF & biodata usually send before the MR or after MR? somebody said RPRF & biodata tells if you pass or not.At this point,is MR has the same functions that tells us if we quality to become PR? THX!
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    How long it takes to receive.AOR?

    hi!I submit my application in May.25,still no.respond. THX
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    How to track after we submit?

    hello! I submit my application two weeks ago,what should I do next? How to I track it? Or just to wait? thx!
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    How many of you got PR already,and how long it took?

    hi, I know thats really depend on questions,but just want our waiting life more easier.Also,I know this year CEC planning to get 10000 immigrants,what happen if it all full ?compare last year policy,I think this year more easier,like working hours reduced to.30 hour perweek etc.I think the...
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    reference letter without dated??hlp PLZ

    hi, just realize my employee letter no dated. He written I am started on Jan 2013,after that is my working hours per week and total for last 14 months,duty,benefit,rates etc. but my boss also attack a list,it shows specify time period i work for,and all the OT,and paid,and i copy all the pay...
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    quick question for photo expire date.

    I took the six photos in Jan.this year,I am gong to submit the application this month,it will be okay for my photo?
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    Last step,Can anyone tell me how you send the application?

    hi,anybody can tell me.which letter you chose by Canada post?expresspost? How many we need to purchase?because when i apply working permit,we need buy two.THX
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    Questions about SCHEDULE 8 and reference letter

    HI,seniors! :D I am fillling the schedeule 8.Got question about work experience for past 3 years in Canada.I am graducated in Dec.2011 . I had a part time job during my school time,which is from Nov.2010 to Nov.2011 . After that I wok full- time in the same company from 2012 01 to present.And...
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    Question about common law.

    Hi ,all I am going to apply cec under noc type b. Basically I got everything ready,just confused about common law. My situation is,I am living with my girl friend almost a year,like 11 months.But she is not qualify for apply cec now,due the working hours. So,do I need to change my marital...
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    Overtime and IELTS questions thx for help!

    1.Since Jan.2013 policy changed,full time now means 30 hours(paid) per week,so,is the overtime hours accouts to the working hours?I saw the above people's posts got rejected due the overtime hours not accounts to working hours. thx! 2.I am applying cec under NOC.6242,which is cook,type B I...
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    Qustion for Police certificate.

    According to the checklist,#13,it is better to have the police certificate right? Do I need that from Canadian government,or from my country? I am an international student.How long it takes to get that certiftcate? thanks!
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    Help!!Can I submit the IELTS result after ?

    Hello!! I am in Edmonton now,during the policy changes,I want take the exam early so I can apply in Feb which I will get 1 year experience,but all the ielts test are full in the next couple weeks,the faster one is at the end of March.Even in Calagary and BC all full,but I can't find anything...
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    Hours requirement for International students in 2013!

    HI! Just wondering the if new policy changed for Intetnational students working hours requirement.Some people said the woking experience we have before (under study permit,or off campus work permit) is now calculate the cec require working experience now.Within 3 years. Can anybody tell us...
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    Can I apply CEC with my GF? Thanks for help.

    We both are international students,and graducated from NAIT.The thing is I almost got the 1 year woking experience ,but my girlfriend still can't find a job yet.And her work permit will expire in July 2015,which I think she can get enough experience before that.Question is ,Can I apply the cec...
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    Can I take the IELTS in other countries?

    I may back to China for holiday,and take the exam maybe. Will CIC accept the result of the exam?? thx!
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    About 6322 Cooks questions.

    Hi,I am gonna apply CEC in next coupe months,need couple months to get the experience reach the requipemnts. Can anybody tell me what is the IELTS require score for cook? I can't find out. All I know is cook below skill type B I think,and needs CLB5???? thx!