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  1. ouadrasi

    Passports submitted to VFS before COVID-19 measures!

    Hi everybody, So after getting PPR I submitted our passports for Visa right before the hole thing with Coronavirus began, and now I wonder what is happening with Visa Offices, are They delivring Visas those days? Is there anyone who passes through the same situation?
  2. ouadrasi

    ADR Passport renewal - 7 days to submit

    Hi everyone, My issue seems very common but I’m not sure how to deal with so I’d be very thankful to anyone who passed through something similar for his help. I got an ADR requesting new passport but it took me by surprise since they need it in 7 days max and the renewal would take me from 10...
  3. ouadrasi

    IT jobs with Economics degree

    Hi every one! So, i would ask experts here about working in canada in IT related jobs without a degree knowing that i studied comuter science and i'm good at programming but i didn't finish my studies. Is there any hope for that and how can i do my search? Thank you in advance.