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  1. DxR

    Flagpoling on land border

    Hi! Does anyone know where to get the operation times for flagpoling at ports of entry? Thanks
  2. DxR

    Child benefits during temporary resedency

    Hello everyone! Did any applied for child benefits during temporary residency (I am on work permit since January 2018)? Could you share with details of the process? Is it safe to apply when yuh wait for pr?
  3. DxR

    Reentering Canada. Forgot to bring my work permit.

    Hello everyone. I am traveling back to Canada and forgot my WP in Canada. I am on work visa. Will there be any problems? Did anyone have previous experience?
  4. DxR

    Work experience/personal history

    Hello! can I transfer work experience line into personal history section? My husband is dependant and he has job experience that doesn’t give me any points. Is it essential to keep it under work experience and get into a hustle to get proof of experience or can I submit it under personal...