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  1. DamhaSirah

    VFS Global (VAC) Pakistan & IOM Pakistan

    Hi. Any idea when will VFS Global (VAC) in Pakistan will start working again now for biometrics? I know that IOM Pakistan is working again on medical exams for applicants.
  2. DamhaSirah

    CPC Sydney-Nova Scotia for Outland Spousal Sponsorship

    Hi. Has CPC Sydney-Nova Scotia started working now after COVID-19 for spousal sponsorship applications for Outland couples?
  3. DamhaSirah

    London Visa Office-Spousal Sponsorship 2020

    Hi. Has London Visa Office started working now after COVID-19 for spousal sponsorship applications for Outland couples from Pakistan and other countries?
  4. DamhaSirah

    CPC Sydney-Nova Scotia

    Hi. Has CPC Sydney-Nova Scotia office started working now after COVID-19 for spousal sponsorship applications for Outland couples?
  5. DamhaSirah

    Spousal Sponsorship

    Hi guys! I am a Canadian PR. I recently got married and now I am sponsoring my spouse for immigration to Canada. I have looked at the PDF forms and I have a couple of questions: 1. Can anyone advise me whether we need to fill in the particulars on the soft copy and then print it, or we can...
  6. DamhaSirah

    AOR in January 2017 - Connect Here!

    Hey guys! Happy New Year 2017 to you all. My consultant is submitting my e-APR on 2nd-3rd January 2017 InshAllah. Let's all of us who get AOR in January 2017 join this thread to track our timelines.
  7. DamhaSirah

    Please Guide, Urgent Help Required Post-ITA

    I am in trouble, please guide me. I got my ITA but now I have found out that my consultant put my job title as "Officer Production Planning & Scheduling" in my EE profile when my actual job title was "Cash Management Officer". The nature of my job involved both these fields mentioned in these...
  8. DamhaSirah

    How to Add a Ticker to Signature?

    Hey guys, I am trying to add a ticker showing my immigration timeline to my signature on this forum. The information is not available in the "Help" option at the top of the forum page. Can anyone guide me please? Thank you in advance! :)
  9. DamhaSirah

    Family Sponsorship (Parents & Siblings)

    I have 4 questions which I hope somebody here can answer for me: 1. Approximately how long does it take for a new immigrant before he/she can sponsor his/her parents for Canadian PR? 2. Approximately how long does it take the parents to get their PR after their child initiates their...
  10. DamhaSirah

    CRS Score 480 and Above - Connect Here!

    Hello, If you have a CRS score of 480 or above and are awaiting ITA, please come aboard here/sign up on this thread so we can see how many of us are there in the pool for upcoming draws. Myself - CRS 481. Been in pool since 14th July 2016. Awaiting ITA.
  11. DamhaSirah

    Ray of Hope - 43rd Draw

    So guys, after the great news of increased number of ITAs in 42nd draw, what do you expect is next in store for hopeful applicants?
  12. DamhaSirah

    D-Day today! Much Awaited 1st Draw of September!

    Today is the day which we had all been waiting for 8) ;D :D ;) :) :-* :P. The 1st draw of autumn/fall will take place today, whereby scores have been anticipated to fall according to the May 2016 video of the CIC official at Edmonton on YouTube. Hopefully, they will issue more ITAs in the draw...
  13. DamhaSirah

    40th Draw - Ray of Hope

    So after the disappointingly high 39th draw cutoff score... Let's connect here and encourage each other. So far CIC really is living up to what they said about issuing low number of ITAs until September 2016... But all the same, this really is demotivating and frustrating for me. Even after so...
  14. DamhaSirah

    Query about Post-AOR Interview

    Hi, I want to know about the interview after ITA and AOR. 1. Can you guys please post your experiences here, like what questions were asked in the interview, how long was the interview duration, what documents you had to take along for the interview etc.? 2. Also, does everyone have to give...
  15. DamhaSirah

    Those With CRS Score 481 Connect Here

    Hey! Those of you with CRS score of 481 and still not received ITA, please connect here. Also mention since when you have had this score. This must be most frustrating to not get ITA even after a score of 481!
  16. DamhaSirah

    36th Draw Forecast - Any Guesses?

    Any wild guesses guys? ;D
  17. DamhaSirah

    35th Draw Forecast - Any Guesses?

    So the 34th draw saw 484 CRS score :o... Any guess what is next score likely to be >:( :-X :-\?
  18. DamhaSirah

    Query about ECA from CES Toronto

    I have recently completed my Masters from Karachi, Pakistan, and sent my educational documents (through my immigration consultant) to CES (Toronto) for getting my Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report. It has been 9 weeks since CES acknowledged receipt of my application. Can anyone with...