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  1. Deh_avilla


    Hi everyone! I haven't seen yet a thread for August applicants. How about connecting here? I applied for PR and OWP - CPC MISSISSAUGA App. sent: Aug. 10 2018 (Police certificate and Schedule A submitted upfront). App. received: Aug. 13 2018 Waiting for AOR Good luck Y'all! André
  2. Deh_avilla

    IMM5406 extra lines

    Hi everyone, I need extra lines to mention brothers, sisters and step brothers in the section C. Should I give the additional information on extra blank page or in another IMM 5406 form? Thanks in advance!
  3. Deh_avilla

    Spousal Sponsorship + OWP Fees

    Hi everyone! I'll be applying for PR and also an OWP. I have a visitor visa and I'll have legal status until december 2018. For the OWP we need to keep legal status so, as the process for the OWP lasts 3-4 months, I think it will be ok if I'm granted. So for the OWP fee I'll have to pay only...
  4. Deh_avilla

    Need advice for a friend (Inland-Withdraw-OWP)

    Hi there! Yesterday a friend of mine from Germany, gave me a bad news. To resume, his french partner who is a PR accepted to sponsor him in Canada. Few month after she started freaking out with being responsible for him for 3 years...and all the bad things that could happen along. Well, things...
  5. Deh_avilla

    Personal Statement

    Bonjour, hi! I'll be soon applying for inland spousal sponsorship. I've been wondering who is supposed to write the personal statement telling the story of the relationship and etc. I know that it's not mandatory but I think it's a good opportunity to make clear any issues or missing...