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  1. $unn¥123

    Rental Accomodation students( Room)

    Hi folks... My name is Kartar . I am from Chandigarh. I am going to Toronto on September 11 as full time student. I am trying to find accommodation on Kijiji . Apart from there if anyone has any reference or who is interested to share room with me. Kindly message me. My college is in downtown...
  2. $unn¥123

    Students share info for Room Rent

    HI folks, I am student . I am coming in September. I am trying to find accommodation on KIJIJI as well. Apart from that if any of you or your friends have any lead of rooms sharing or without sharing. kindly share here. currently i do not have any option ti stay. So i request if any of you...
  3. $unn¥123

    Money exchange and predaprture tips

    Praise the lord Jesus Christ... seniors and experienced fellows ...I am going to travel in April on student visa. I am wondering could anyone can advise me on money exchange and any tips to book my passport is yet to reached at my location. It is still at New Delhi IRCC for...
  4. $unn¥123

    Federal skilled trade programme

    Hi everyone, All who are under FST programme share their ideas,problems,issues or all other information which can help otjer wjo are for FST... Thanks