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  1. keesio

    Humorous take on Harry and Meghan Though I bet Harry would get "preferential" treatment....
  2. keesio

    Cancelling a PR card renewal application if Citizenship is granted first

    Hello folks, My wife has both a PR card renewal application and Citizenship application in the works. There is a decent chance that her citizenship application will be done first before her PR card renewal application. If that happens, what happens to your PR card application? Does IRCC get...
  3. keesio

    PR card renewal application, Q21

    Hello folks, For the PR card renewal application, on Q21 you need to list all your travels. They only give you space for 6 travels and mention to use another page if you have more travels. What is the best way to approach this if you have more than 6 trips? Do you fill up all six and then put...
  4. keesio

    NEXUS with expired PR card

    Hello folks, My wife is a December 2017 applicant. Her PR card expires in October 2018. We are hoping she will be a citizen by then and considering not bothering with a PR card renewal application. The issue is if her Citizenship application takes long enough so that her PR card will expire...
  5. keesio

    How to test/interview invites get communicated?

    Is it primarily via e-mail or snail mail? Or both? Thanks
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    Correspondence with IRCC

    I have heard now that if you provide an e-mail address, all correspondence with IRCC is via e-mail. Is that for ALL correspondence? Meaning AOR, Test invite, Oath invite, etc? You get nothing via snail mail? When I applied in 2013, I provided an e-mail address but got AOR and test invite via...
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    Q14a - List NEXUS card as travel doc?

    For Citizenship Application question 14c. I'm going to guess that the answer is yes, since when crossing by land, a NEXUS card by itself is enough on its own. Just wanted to get other people's opinions. If I do list the NEXUS card, do you think I need an explanation letter that it is a NEXUS...
  8. keesio

    (another) Physical presence calculator question

    Hello folks, Quick question - my wife landed on October 14th, 2013 and she does not qualify for any time in Canada before that date (which we specified in the calculator). Her eligibility period is from November 20, 2012 - November 20, 2017. Does she need to enter into the calculator the absence...
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    Question 14A of CIT0002E

    Hello folks, I have a question regarding question 14A of CIT0002E. It asks for her travel documents. For the expiry date, is it the date in the biographical page of the passport that lists the expiry date? Or is it the date the passport no longer became valid. Example: My wife's old passport...
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    Work history

    Hello folks, Regarding the section for work history, my wife's work history includes multiple (part-time) jobs simultaneously and also volunteer time on top of that. I know that you do not want any gaps in the history but what about overlaps? Does that cause confusion? Example: 6/2017 -...
  11. keesio

    Current process these days and when to apply...

    Hello folks, With C6 coming into effect Oct 11, my wife will be eligible to apply for citizenship with well over enough days of physical presence (current at ~1300 days). I had one concern and it is that we are planning a fairly long vacation (3 weeks or more) abroad in February. Looking at past...
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    Transferring a New York State Driver's License to an Ontario one

    Has anyone tried this recently? I'm wondering if all I need is my NYS "Abstract of Driving Record" or if I need the more comprehensive "Lifetime Driving Record". Thanks!
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    ex-Citizenship Judge busted

    Wow :o
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    New immigrant in late 2013, now to file Canadian taxes?

    Hello, My wife became a PR in October last year. Before then, she lived and worked in the US. My question is - does she need to file Canadian taxes and if so, does she just start with income after she became a Canadian resident? She does not work so she doesn't have any Canadian income (not even...
  15. keesio

    When is OHIP card mailed?

    My wife is a new immigrant to Ontario. She applied for OHIP about 2 months ago. She got a paper saying she will be eligible for OHIP on January 14th and a card will be mailed to her. My question is - when do they mail the card? Do you normally receive it before the start date or some time after?
  16. keesio

    OHIP 153 out of first 183 days requirement

    I'm aware of the requirement that new immigrants must be in Ontario for at least 153 days out of their first 183 days. I'm curious how they do the calculation. Is it similar to how they calculate the residency requirements for citizenship and PR applicants where say, for example, you leave for a...
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    Residency Requrement and absences

    Hello all, I submitted my application back in April. My application is pretty straight forward but I had area of concern. I have had a lot of absences from Canada over the past few years. Mostly a few days at a time but they add up. The reasons are valid ones - I travel for my Canadian employer...
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    Question on landing...

    Hello folks, My wife plans to land in Canada after we come back from vacation. We are going straight to Canada from vacation. According to CIC, what you need to land is: -passport -COPR -list of goods she is bringing -list of good to come Then there is a list of things that they MAY ask her...
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    Q on landing: arriving from vacation destination

    A bit of a silly question but just curious: Any issues doing the official landing when arriving from vacation? Basically my US wife plans to land right when we return from our vacation overseas. So we will be arriving from Germany, where our vacation is. I would imagine that officials will not...
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    What address does the PR card get mailed to (for a newly landed immigrant)?

    Does it automatically default to the sponsor's address? Or do you have to provide a Canadian address when you land? Is it better to update eCAS before landing with the Canadian address so that it is in the system?