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    Minor not attending Citizenship Ceremony

    Hi, We are a family of 2 adults and 1 child who have been invited to attend our citizenship ceremony next week. We have moved home to our home country while our application was processing, so my daughter is unable to attend the ceremony. She is under 14, so Ive read that it is ok that she does...
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    Original Police Clearance?

    Good Morning, Im hoping someone might be able to help me out, applications sent sept 2018, test March 2019, april 2019 cic requested police clearance from home country, scanned and sent in a copy of pcc, in may 2019 they requested the original, submitted to them 20 days later.. I requested...
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    PR Renewal

    Hi, Currently I am living in Canada, our application for citizenship is in process, we've done our test, and waiting our Oath Ceremony, however our PR has since expired and we need to return to our home country. We leave in 2 weeks. So Ive applied for renewal of our PR cards, Ive given our...
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    Waiting on Oath-SK

    Hi all, We are currently waiting on our oath ceremony for Saskatoon, passed our tests and interviews in March. However our circumstances have changed. We now need to return to our home country. But also our PR is due to expire at the end of this month. Ive been in contact with IRCC and they are...
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    Best Practice Tests/Apps

    Hi, Due to take my test in 10 days, Im wondering what are the best apps or online tests to do in preparation. Thanks in advance.