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    Hello , I have very urgent question . I hope someone can help me . I have applied for my Pgwp on Jan 21 and its in process right now . Online application time is 84 times so that means i am hoping to get it mid/end April . My TRV expiring May 5 . My sister is getting married on April 17...
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    Brother’s visitor visa

    hello Bryana, I posted here 5-6 months ago regarding my brothers visitor visa . He got two refusals , one in 2015 and second 2017 . My daughter is turning 1 and we are doing a hall party here . I would like to know if we should apply for my brother’s visitor visa or no. Thanks
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    TRV for brother , BRYANNA PLEASE HELP

    Hello, We applied for my brother's visa last year in June with my parents for my sis in law's wedding. My parents got visa but they refused my brother . Reason: ties, travel history. We applied this year again for my daughtef birth party and refused again with same reason. Last year my...
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    Bryanna if you can advice please

    Is it possible to get only passport back in courier , no refusal letter no visa stamp, if you apply for visitor visa ?
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    Bryanna please have a look

    My husband and I applied for my brother's TRV on birth of my daughter. He is student in India Nd helping my dad as well. We showed my dad's land papers account and my brother's accounts , his school vacation approval , bank statements . Since i am on mat leave my husband's job letter , bank...
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    June timelines vfs Jalandhar

    Anyone applied vfs jalandhar in June . Approval or rejection ? Timelines please share .