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  1. martha1901

    make my diploma valid in Canada

    I think I got it back after 3-4 weeks. Good luck.
  2. martha1901

    Unable to upload PDF files in my application for permanent residence

    Hi, Just wondering if you merge it together as one file. :)
  3. martha1901

    Canadian citizenship for a child born in Canada to non-Canadian parents

    Your baby is a Canadian citizen by birth in Canadian soil, so you just have to apply for a Canadian passport.
  4. martha1901

    Dependent child unaccompanying when applying for PR

    I was in the same situation before, I did include my daughter who is a Canadian citizen and paid for her, I got a refund from CIC.
  5. martha1901

    make my diploma valid in Canada

    Hi, If you want to have your home country credentials assessed you can send it to BCIT ICES ( International credential evaluation service). I did mine and luckily it's still equivalent to a 3 year undergrad degree. :)
  6. martha1901

    UK Police Clearance from Saudi - Proof of Current Address

    I do not have any proofs of address in my name at the address where I currently live. What can I do? If you do not receive mail addressed to you, we can accept: TWO proofs of the address in the name of the householder, one of which MUST be dated within the last 6 months, together with a...
  7. martha1901

    UK Police Clearance from Saudi - Proof of Current Address

    Can you not print out bank/credit card statement where home address should be reflected?
  8. martha1901

    Today is the day.

    Congrats! so happy for you.
  9. martha1901


    No you don't have to validate that.
  10. martha1901

    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Family of 3, landed June 20, 2016 Vancouver CIC office received PR card Aug. 5 2016. :) Good luck everyone, keep the faith!
  11. martha1901

    URGENT: Amend COPR before or after landing?

    When I received my passport request, I just sent my British passport for renewal, but I went ahead and sent the rest of the paperwork with a letter of explanation with regards to my passport. When I received my new passport, I sent them the bio page, then they send our COPR with my old passport...
  12. martha1901

    Option C Print Out

    Yes you can print it from there.
  13. martha1901

    Option C Print Out

    You can register online then to access your account CRA have to send you a code which takes about 4-8 business day by mail.
  14. martha1901

    Forgive me if I sound too stupid.

    You have a legal status to stay and work, but if you want to go for a vacation back home you need to apply for a resident visa unless you are from a visa exempt country. CIC will issue visa as per your work permit validity.
  15. martha1901

    Bowp-- restoration with visitor visa

    You're now on implied status, but once you'll have the refusal of you're application then you'll be out of status of which you have 90 days to restore that. Hopefully by then you'll have proper paperwork. Good luck.
  16. martha1901

    Bc pnp

    Apply for work permit extension first on the basis of PNP approval include your PNP certificate, this way you maintain your status. After that you can apply for your PR. Hope this help.
  17. martha1901

    Studying in Canada with young kids

    I think you have to pay for them. I remember when I first enter Canada as work permit with my husband and 3 year old son then, I have to pay each for the visa. I applied for open work permit for hubby and like a resident visa for my son.
  18. martha1901

    if i am citizen and my wife is pr but baby born outside country Try reading that. I thing your child is entitled to Canadian citizenship.