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    First Entry

    Hi Primaprime, Thank you for that. Is this form declared at arrival or at the time of filing tax? Also, if you can double confirm that this avoids taxation? Thanks!!
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    Proof of Funds while Landing in Toronto - please share recent experience!!

    Hi Kabby!! Very positive story!! Do you mind sharing how you bought money into Canada? I have been told that settlement funds (money bought from outside Canada) are non taxable? Thanks!!
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    First Entry

    Hi All, Can someone share in detail how I can prove what is resettlement money at the time of first entry so that I am not taxed for it? Details related to how to prove funds more than $10,000 will be appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    Sydney (Australia) Visa Office - PPR Processing time enquiry

    Hi All!! I sent my passport in response to a PPR & it reached Sydney Visa Office on Friday the 20th of March 2020 . Is there someone who has been through this & knows how long will Visa Office & VFS take to give it back? Thanks!!!!
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    Thread For applications Through SYDNEY (AUSTRALIA) Office

    Hi!! You can enter since your application was approved before 16th March 2020, when the travel ban came into effect. I don't have the official link with me. Also, can you tell me how much time did it take to get your passport back once you sent it to VFS Sydney? I have received my PPR & sent...