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  1. campesinaj

    Is there an online option for WP app within CA since no flagpoling allowed?

    Thanks for the reply. So by online, you mean through the Canadian Embassy in their country (Bolivia)? My concern is that if they are called to an in-person interview, they can't get there (until their border opens, not sure when that will be)
  2. campesinaj

    Is there an online option for WP app within CA since no flagpoling allowed?

    Hello - helping a family member - he is in Canada on a visitor's (tourist) visa and obtained a positive LMIA in March. We planned our trip to the border to flagpole and complete his work permit process, however it was right before the border closed due to COVID. He applied to extend his tourist...
  3. campesinaj

    Extend work permit with new passport

    Helping a family member - his LMIA job offer was for 2 years from March 2019-March 2021. He applied at the Detroit/Windsor border and was accepted. However his passport expires in November 2020. So the officer was only able to give him the work permit until the day his passport expires. He is...
  4. campesinaj

    Landing Experience - 17th Jan 2019 - Flagpoling - Lewiston Bridge - Took just 20 mins to become a PR

    does anyone know if you can walk over the Rainbow bridge in the winter months (like right now) to flagpole?
  5. campesinaj

    flagpoling vs. entering from home country at airport

    where is your family from? and where did they enter canada? thx
  6. campesinaj

    flagpoling vs. entering from home country at airport

    For Work visa (for my brother-in-law) - he has the LMIA and all documentation from future employer ready to go. He has a valid multiple entry visitor's visa. He is currently in Canada on a visitor's visa. Is there a difference between going to the US border at Niagara and "Flagpolling" to get...
  7. campesinaj

    Do we have to show student plans to leave Canada after visa?

    I'm wondering if, when applying for a Temporary Visa to study in Canada, if we will have to show the visa officer that the applicant will be leaving Canada at the end of his study time? In reality, the hope would be to study and then find a job and apply for a work permit. Not sure if that...
  8. campesinaj

    Can a 'sole proprietor' business sponsor a foreign worker?

    Hello My husband has a business registered as a Sole Proprietorship in Ontario. He does upholstery work from our home. His brother is a master sewer/upholsterer/tailor and has 20+ years' experience doing this type of work. I have two questions: 1) Can a 'sole proprietor business' sponsor a...
  9. campesinaj

    how will CIC crack down on drop outs?

    Hi - I have heard and read many stories about people coming into Canada with a student visa, taking a class for maybe a month then dropping out and remaining for the rest of their permit time - maybe a year or more. I understand the new rules on June 1, 2014 are meant to prevent that from...
  10. campesinaj

    18 yr old applying to visit aunt & uncle for a few months

    Hi - can you give me your thoughts on this situation... I am Canadian and my husband is from Bolivia. He is a PR. We live permanently in Canada. We would like to invite his oldest niece (18 yrs old) to visit us for a few months and over Christmas - she graduated high school and is taking a year...
  11. campesinaj

    Collecting parental leave EI after 3 year period has passed

    Good point I was just assuming any government payment would be considered "assistance", but it makes sense as the only way to collect EI is by paying into it. Thanks for your reply.
  12. campesinaj

    Ontario driver's license - exchange a foreign license after 60 days

    The Ontario Drive Test website states you must exchange your foreign driver's license for an Ontario license within 60 days of arriving in Ontario. What if the 60 day period has passed? Can you no longer exchange? Thanks
  13. campesinaj

    Collecting parental leave EI after 3 year period has passed

    My husband landed in Ontario on March 17, 2011 and has permanent resident status. Under spousal sponsorship, I know he cannot collect any government assistance until the 3 year period is up (March 2014.) We are expecting a baby in August of this year. I plan to take at least 6 or 7 months...
  14. campesinaj

    ESL courses for 18 yr old high school graduate

    Hi all My husband's niece is finishing high school this year 2013 and wants to come to Canada to study English for 1-2 years before thinking about university in her home country, Bolivia. (I am Canadian, my husband is Bolivian and has permanent residency in Canada. We've been here for 2 years)...
  15. campesinaj

    We got approved! thanks to all on this forum

    Off to pick up my husband at 6:30 tomorrow morning! ;D Thanks again to everyone on the forum for all your help in getting through this process Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  16. campesinaj

    Anyone with experience bringing pets?

    my vet did not recommend a sedative, neither do most of the websites I have read, because it could have negative side effects and you won't be able to help the pet in mid-air, especially if he's in the cargo hold. as well, it could affect their balance, making them feel tipsy and if there was...
  17. campesinaj

    Too much luggage?

    If it's within the limit for your baggage weight/size, the only people really inspecting luggage will be the airline. I haven't had customs ask me about the size of the bag. The only think I could think they would ask about is if t's an unusual package, animal, prohibited or declared items or...
  18. campesinaj

    Landing at Pearson - 6:00am

    great thanks!
  19. campesinaj

    Landing at Pearson - 6:00am

    Great! Thanks PMM. I had a feeling I had seen those desks open when I have arrived in the past, regardless of the time, but the website for the CBSA was misleading. I appreciate the answer! :) One more question about the arrival itself - once he gets off the plane and arrives in the...