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  1. kprs_ind

    Super visa for Mom - Which online account?

    I am planning to apply Super Visa for my mother. My father is already having a Visitors visa valid for may be another 5 years. In this case, can my father create an online account under his name and apply for my mother or my mother should have a separate account and apply under it?
  2. kprs_ind

    Super visa insurance renewal

    1. Since it is a Super Visa, it is always better to take or renew the policy for a year. But why are you taking a 5M coverage? Did you take the same coverage for the first year? 2. Options depend on the health condition and age.
  3. kprs_ind

    Super Visa Insurance after 1st Year

    You have to renew your insurance if your parents continue to stay after 1 year.
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    Yes, for a person the UCI will be the same for any kind of Canadian immigration application.
  5. kprs_ind

    Super Visa

    I don't think you will be able to apply for Super Visa within Canada.
  6. kprs_ind

    Applying for Super Visa while Visitor Visa application decision pending

    I would recommend to wait for the outcome of the current application. Since you have already applied for visitors visa and if you apply Super visa, the immigration officer would know based on the file number/name match. If he comes to a conclusion that the visitors visa is delayed due to some...
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    Super visa

    You can get them. It depends on your eligibility based on income requirements.
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    Supervisa Insurance Question (Length)

    Once they go back, then you can cancel the insurance by showing their tickets and boarding passes. You will receive the refunds.
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    SuperVisa: IMM5475 or IMM5476

    I recently spoke to the lawyer and he confirmed that these forms to be filled if you are handling the business on their behalf.
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    Super Visa Information

    You can renew your mother's passport only around 6 months to expiry. The best option would be to apply for Super Visa and then extend it if it is given only till 2022.
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    One visa question to my daughter's visa:

    Even now you cannot extend visa because you need passport for stamping. Please correct me if I am wrong. Your daughter will be with no (not legal) immigration status for those days. Until then I think she should not go out of country. It is a gamble for you. I think you can take a chance for...
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    Even though you apply before, OHIP has a waiting period of 90 days since you land.
  13. kprs_ind

    Health Insurance- Parents Visitor visa

    You can look into Manulife, which has direct billing with many hospitals. But it will be $100-200 more.
  14. kprs_ind

    Medical insurance requirement for Visitor visa for 35 year old?

    35 year old person cannot be sponsored a Super visa. There's no requirement for medical insurance for Visitor's visa.
  15. kprs_ind

    Super visa Questions

    I could find these two links. Hope this helps.
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    Super visa Questions

    Maximum is 2 years at one stretch.
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    Applying Supervisa for the first time This is what I could find for you. Hope this helps.
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    Will I lose my OHIP if I lose my job (PGWP)?

    I had come across similar situation with my friend and he applied for a Medical emergency insurance to cover his medical needs and then got his OHIP back once he got a new job.
  19. kprs_ind

    Supervisa for mother and TRV extension question

    I am not aware of first two questions. But for the third one, until her TRV is valid, she can travel. Instructions will be sent accordingly for super visa stamping.
  20. kprs_ind

    What should be the duration for Parents super visa?

    1 month is a short duration for Super Visa and if you add this as the reason, it may be rejected. You should apply for TRV instead. Yes, photo requirements are strict and your application may be delayed due to that.