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  1. tottiren

    Are my parents eligible to apply visitor visa?

    Hi, my PR application was approved before Mar 18. Now I want my parents to go to Canada with me on visitor visa in August. Their purpose of travel is to look after the our child and do some housework as me and my spouse will be busy working. Are they eligible to apply given covid-19? Does my...
  2. tottiren

    Can anyone please help me with the webform problem? many thanks

    Hi, I am trying to update my passport infor via webform, But clicking the "next" button at...
  3. tottiren

    problem with OINP Payment

    Hi, I am with OINP Human capital. I made the payment 1500 CAD last friday, and my bank record shows the the amount is "frozen". I called my bank and it says it is now up to OINP to make decduction to complete the transaction. Why didnt OINP make the deduction or is it the problem with my credit...