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  1. Ahora

    Self-Employed Updates June: 2018

    Good News and thanks for share it, I hope get your medical request asap where is your Visa office ? and where u apply ?
  2. Ahora

    Self-Employed Athlete

    Yes I think so , But I believe that this way ( self employed ) is one of the difficult way to achieve Canadian resident so it is better to think about talk with an immigration consultant to avoid waste your time and money . I am at your service if need some advise about that .
  3. Ahora

    Self-Employed Application 2018

    It shows they work faster on applications , I hope with positive results
  4. Ahora

    Immigrate as a self-employed person - Graphic and Creative Designer

    Please Sign this Petitions for Self Employed category
  5. Ahora

    Self-Employed Application 2018

    Please Sign this Petitions for Self Employed category
  6. Ahora

    Self Employed Federal

    Please Sign this Petitions for Self Employed category
  7. Ahora

    Self-employed program rejection

    Please Sign this Petitions for Self Employed category
  8. Ahora

    Work permit processing time

    Do u have valid Job offer from Canadian employer? If yes u should hire an professional representative inside Canada to do that and get all paper and information from your company that like hire you. let me know if you are interested help you to find someone.
  9. Ahora

    Spouse Open Work Permit - Online Application - Approved (Timeline)

    For your information : I have work permit and stay in canada around one month and applied for my family ( open work permit for my wife and tourist visa for my children around 20 days before , fortunately one day after biometric test they got passport request .
  10. Ahora

    Work permit processing time

    I know a good one who helps me got LMIA and Work permit Visa , Let me know if need more information
  11. Ahora

    Work Permit at the Border. Expired previous work permit

    I got work permit visa based on LMIA that issued 3 months ago. I got one way ticket to Vancouver for 27th July . My flight stay in Toronto and change flight so I think I should get work permit in Toronto airport , Is that right ? what document they need to show them for that . and is it an easy...
  12. Ahora

    Passport request

    fortunately My work permit visa approved based on LMIA , and a few days before I got letter from Visa office that need my passport to finalize the process . I have questions here , They print visa on my passport and send with it work permit ? or I get work permit on the border when I inter to...
  13. Ahora

    Work permit processing time

    Thanks NOC : 1123 - Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations British columbia
  14. Ahora

    Work permit processing time

    Finally I got passport request last day For your information I applied from iran I applied for work permit 21 March with LMIA
  15. Ahora

    LMIA application processing time?

    For me take 4 days but I heard it might be take more than 2 weeks .
  16. Ahora

    Biometric request letter not received

    Hi I submitted my work permit application online and paid 240$. It has been almost one day since submitted. But still I did not receive request letter for biometrics. I've heard that people receive biometric request just right after submitting it online. Please help. Thank you >:(
  17. Ahora

    work permit refused, pnp hopefully soon

    I have valid job offer and LMIA from BC , I will apply for EE skilled worker BC PNP . question is after nomination can I get 600 points to guaranty my application on EE ? as u know LMIA have only 50 points and it dont work for my situation .
  18. Ahora

    PNP- PR ( CIC applicants SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER 2015)

    Guys , I got ITA for BC PNP - skilled worker and going to make online application to nomination , My immigration lawyer said it is better to get work permit visa and inter to Canada and then make inland application for that . is there any deference processing time between application from abroad...
  19. Ahora

    BC PNP 2016 applicants join here!!!!

    Hey mate! I have an question , I got my LMIA and decide to apply for work permit visa I can apply for PNP-BC skilled worker too . But my immigration Lawyer suggested me first get work permit visa and apply for skilled worker from Canada any Idea ? I thanks to share your experience