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  1. James_NZ1

    Northstone Constructions

    If you search the names of the company NORTHSTONE CORPORATE TEAM Stephen Fort, President & CEO Mark Yonker, Director Corporate Headquarters Benjamin Kaplan, Managing Director Charles Murphy, Director of Constructions Teresa Edwards, Human Resources Manager in LinkedIn they are not...
  2. James_NZ1

    New Comer to Canada - Issue in getting car finance

    Why finance a car? If you look hard enough and in the right places you will find a very good quality 2nd hand car.
  3. James_NZ1

    Which documents help to prove that the sponsor will return to canada once the applicant is given PR

    In our application I just wrote a letter that stated on acceptance of a PR Visa I would move to canada and what I would do to do that such as selling car, resignation from work etc but would be working and owning cars right up to the day of acceptance as we needed the money before leaving. On...
  4. James_NZ1

    Flagpoling Detriot/Windsor

    we pulled up to the booth and explained everything expecting a turn around. had to drive into Detroit turn around and come back. the Canadian side officer even said that was strange
  5. James_NZ1

    Flagpoling Detriot/Windsor

    ok thanks. when we entered and told them we planned to flagpole they admitted us to the USA side drive down the freeway and turn around .
  6. James_NZ1

    Flagpoling Detriot/Windsor

    You need to be able to enter USA legally to be able to turn around and come back. this means you need a Visa to enter the USA or be part of the Visa waiver programme with the USA. if non of these apply you need to make an appointment at a canada immigration office and "land" at the...
  7. James_NZ1

    Survey from IRCC?

    it's from which is the official website of immigration canada. I guess the many languages are for the receipts who are from all over the world
  8. James_NZ1

    Survey from IRCC?

    I got one about a year after my application was approved it was from IRCC and could tell by the email address it came from. from memory it never asked for immigration details like UCI or application number just questions about communication with IRCC
  9. James_NZ1

    Crossing the border with COPR as a newly landed PR

    I was entering Canada from the USA. he asked my status and said I was a PR. he asked for my card and I said I don't have one yet but gave him my copr that had been previously stamped. he told me to pull into the covered parking and go inside. I parked up and went inside. the lady official...
  10. James_NZ1

    Crossing the border with COPR as a newly landed PR

    You can cross with your COPR and passport. just be prepared to go to secondary inspection. this happened when coming across into Canada on land border. just so you know incase you have a time constraint or are traveling with others
  11. James_NZ1

    Australia/NZ Driver license exchange with Ontario DL

    yeah I just printed it off.
  12. James_NZ1

    Australia/NZ Driver license exchange with Ontario DL

    Driving records and demerits points/tickets won't be transferred to your ontario license. You will need to contact NZ transport agency and ask for a certificate of particulars. This costs about $12 and can be emailed to you. This is a requirement to obtain a ontario license. it
  13. James_NZ1

    Australia/NZ Driver license exchange with Ontario DL

    what license do you hold? also full license or restricted/p plate?
  14. James_NZ1

    You get PPR through Mail or Email?

    I got mine through email. I also logged into my CIC and a copy of the same email was there. you can also turn on message alerts in my CIC so you get a email telling you to check your account for a new message.
  15. James_NZ1

    Fake or genuine offer

    fake. no company in Canada called humber oil and gas. thier website also has spam pops up.
  16. James_NZ1

    Problem boarding a plane with CoPR (IMM-5688) but no eTA

    Once you have been issued a COPR from Canada and you would normally require an eTA to travel you can board the plane without an eTA. So long as you have a valid copr and passport and both with you at the time. I flew from NZ to Canada and didn't need an eTA just showed my copr and was given...
  17. James_NZ1

    Sydney Visa Office Processing Time
  18. James_NZ1

    Is PR card - travel document

    I've never done online check in with my PR status. the worst that I think could happen would be that it asks you to check in at the airport due to your PR status. you could also ask your airline?
  19. James_NZ1

    IRCC survey

    what's the email address it came from? or website? I got a survey email but about 8 months after landing