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    Apply for Criminal rehabilitation from Australia.

    Hi everyone! I'm about to apply for criminal rehabilitation here in Australia, I have most of the paper work sorted and was wondering if anyone been in the same situation? I've read on this forum that people have done so, I was wondering where did they send the documents and how long did they...
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    Criminal Rehabilition processing times???!

    Have you heard back from you're criminal rehabilitation? I'm about to apply for mine, did you send all documents to Sydney's office? Thanks
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    TRP - temporary resident permit

    Hi, Did you end up getting your criminal rehabilitation trough the Sydney office? What was the adress you sent the document to? Thanks
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    Criminal rehabilitation approved but eTA application has no decision.

    Hi Pearl1957 I was just wondering what email address did you use to get informations from the Sydney office, do they have a contact number? I have been looking online and can't find anything Thank you