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    IRCC contact from Outside Canada

    Does anyone have any tips for contacting the IRCC from outside Canada? Thank you
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    FST advice - Refusal Letter

    Absolutely heartbroken, we’ve received a refusal letter this evening. My husband attended a trades college for 4 years. We used the qualifications and had trades assessment and then took his Red Seal. From what I can make out in the rejection it’s because we didn’t have an ECA for the college...
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    FST VO

    Does anyone know what VO processes the FST applications? Thanks
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    Any FST Applicants?

    Just wondering whether there were any other FST applicants that received their ITA last week or in May? There seem to be very few of us on here! We finally received our ITA last week Our medical is booked in for the morning and is the final document needed before we submit our application...
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    Proof of Funds

    Please can anyone advise me. My husband is the primary applicant for our application. Under proof of funds I have attached proof of funds for the savings account which is my name and both our bank statements. is this sufficient? Do I even need to include mine?! Do I need enclose a letter or...
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    ITA - Police Check

    We finally received our ITA today with the FST draw! I’m at the stage to upload my documents and in my husbands section (the main applicant) it requests two police certificates. An English and French?! We have the English ones already. Neither of us have ever lived in France so I’m a bit...