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    School leaving certificate

    No they don't give any importance to school leaving certificate and even they don't ask for it, and your daughter will be admitted as per her age to the right Grade/Class.
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    Furnished House Available on rent for 5 months From november

    Hi Mrs.Faisal, Kindly share the details of the bungalow through whatsapp and also if possible so that we can discuss in details. I am interested as I am landing permanently in End October 2018 therefore I shall be interested in it., My whatsapp number is:- +965-94121706 regards, Irfan Khan...
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    PNP PR - February - March - April 2017 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here

    Got an update in MyCIC account "Application/Profile Updated", yesterday 19th July. When checked the detailed status, found that Additional documents status changed from "We are reviewing documents..." To "Not Applicable". What could it mean? In IP2 stage since Aug 2017. (under security screening)
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    Powerfull PPR Date Prediction Tool- Only Enter IP2 Date

    If you have not been shortlisted for Security Screening or Lengthy background checks by IRCC then don't worry, you will get it quite earlier. But if your background checks prolonged more then 3 months, then it could be an indication that IRCC has selected for lengthy background checks and you...
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    Powerfull PPR Date Prediction Tool- Only Enter IP2 Date

    It is specifically designed for those who are stuck in lengthy background checks and are doomed to be in security screening process. That's why it is considering based on that understanding.
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    Powerfull PPR Date Prediction Tool- Only Enter IP2 Date

    You are most welcome Managersonline. Could you please send me in private message your whatsapp number if you don't mind. Regards, Irfan Khan
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    Powerfull PPR Date Prediction Tool- Only Enter IP2 Date

    KNOW YOUR PPR DATE - VERY SIMPLE AND EASY PPR PREDICTION TOOL Whoever wants to know their predicted PPR date can click on below link to know their PPR date:- Only enter in the last Row...
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    About Security Screening Forecaster - WHY?

    Thanks a lot managersonline. I really appreciate your truthfulness and straightforwardness. Your are a real Champion of this Forum Canadavisa.:)
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    Thank you >>>>>>>>> Legalfalcon <<<<<<<<<<<

    Predicted PPR Date by SSF As of today during 45-Days of Launch of SSF to Forecast PPR Date of those who are stuck in Lengthy Background Checks. There are 559-Applicants from 46-Nationalities around the globe have enrolled in SSF. Among those 559-Applicants, 84-Applicants have already received...
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    SSF Link to get your Predicted PPR Date I have used some statistical modelling and computer algorithmic techniques by using Machine Learning methods, in order to build a model with self learning mechanism that will predict PPR Date for those who are in IP2 Stage/Or for reasonably long time...
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    Waiting in IP2, lets connect here!

    Most accurate Statistical Forecasting Tool Available on Google Sheets SSF to know your Predictive PPR Date If you are stuck for longer time in IP2/Background Checks click on below mentioned link of SSF to know your Predicted PPR Date. During one month only since launch of SSF, around 510-...
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    Waiting in IP2, lets connect here!

    Two Weeks ago I started SSF Security Screening Forecaster Google Spreadsheet. Only within two weeks 184 Applicants from 25-Nationalities have entered their details and got their Predictive PPR Date. Summary is as under:- Total SS-Applicants in this list:184 Total Nationalities in List:25...
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    GCMS shows 'Security Screening' and waiting... - let's gather here!

    Further new features in the Google Sheet for Forecasting PPR date has been added:- Predictive PPR Date in Case you are in Normal SS Processing Slot Predictive PPR Date in Case you are in Above Average SS Processing Slot Predictive Date After Which You Should think of Filing Mandamus Case As...
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    LONDON Visa Office Applicants....Lets connect here

    Those who have been for a long time waiting in IP2 should click on below link to know their status of security screening. Because mostly if you are in IP2 for more then 3 months there is a big probability that you are in security screening. I have done some effort to approximately forecast the...
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    GCMS shows 'Security Screening' and waiting... - let's gather here!

    The sheet mentioned in above link has been updated with new information and new dates has been predicted and a summary of how many applicants are in security screening and how many are in normal security screening processing time and how many above average etc. With some new information about...
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    GCMS shows 'Security Screening' and waiting... - let's gather here!

    For those who are stuck in security screening, I have created a predictive-model in Google Sheets. This model takes into consideration the information of PPR date of those who were in Security Screening, and who are still in Security Screening. Model has automatic adjustment feature by which it...