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    I'd get in touch with the appropriate department at Cambridge.
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    Is Mechanical Engineering applied science or general?

    I would expect it to be, "science, applied".
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    How do you feel about Canada's healthcare system?

    I went in for an ulcer CAT scan and got a call 2hrs later at home concerning my spleen. My Doctor sent me to the emergency and they proceeded with a major operation. It turns out I had a cyst with 2.5 L of fluid inside. I was in the hospital for a week after. This whole thing was done between...
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    Supporting Documents

    Take a look here:
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    Is my English education enough for a uni admissions if not what should i do?

    I would expect that you must take IELTS. It is the standard test. You keep on taking it until you pass. It is $309 a chance.
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    proof of funds

    The typical amount is 25K.
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    Canada Student Visa chances with personal loan instead of education loan.

    No you need 25K up front directly out of a bank.
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    You need to look at this Government information:
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    I need a chance..

    You have a very basic problem Nigchanelo. There is an excess of Class "A" computer people in Canada. If I have a business am I going to employ a person from across town or the other side of the world. See the practical problem. Remember 60% of our population has a degree or diploma; that's a lot...
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    Consultation companies

    DO NOT use consultants! Do it yourself; its all self serve.
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    Looking for how to get a letter of acceptance from an international School in Canada

    Don't use private colleges and universities in Canada. Always choose a Public option.
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    Which are the best Canada PR Visa Consultants Bangalore?

    Don't use consultants they usually run shady establishments. Canada's Immigration instructions are all Self Serve.
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    Where to move in Ontario for IT jobs?

    Correct me if I am wrong but is the family not responsible for money? You get a child benefit after you file income tax. Nobody I have heard gives money away unless it is in the body of taxes.
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    ı am refugee claimant how can my wife will stay here??

    Get a solid degree or two under your belt. It would change how readily you could enter the economic programs. I would advise that you drop the mentor idea; very few if any would help you. Canadians are too busy with major jobs, families and work to be mentoring you. If you want one; hire and pay...
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    How to apply for an Asylum...a dictator from my country wants to end my life

    Read this it is self-service:
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    Got 44 marks in maths, Can i get admission in Canadian college?

    Be ready to go to supplemental math classes at night.
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    How can I get a certificate of qualification be outside Canada under the express entry ( federal skilled trade stream) .

    What specific Certificate of Qualification do you mean? For now, I'll just leave you with this link:
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    Work permit without a University degree?

    Sounds like a scam big time.