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    Help how to get around from toronto airport to london ontario

    Check out Greyhound Canada to get to London, Ontario from the Toronto area. Here’s the website: The Standard Price is $70.90 for Roundtrip to London, Ontario, BUT if you purchase your ticket 1 day or 24hrs prior to your departure time, you’ll get the “1 Day Advance...
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    Moving home

    Hi, Pay attention to the wording of the second sentence in my first post, which says: "However, when re-entering Canada to remain there permanently, you must show a Canadian passport." In other words, when you decide to move home permenently, you will need your Canadian passport, which will...
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    Moving home

    You understood perfectly - Canada accepts and DOES NOT FROWN on dual citizenship. However, when re-entering Canada to remain there permanently, you must show a Canadian passport. The website below gives you all the information that you need to apply for your Canadian passport from within the...
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    timeline in Cairo, Egypt -- when did u apply -- when did u got ur visa

    Please note that 39 months is when 30% of the cases or applications are completed, and this is NOT guaranteed. Go across the row and you will see when 70% and 80% of the cases are finalized. CIC uses the statistic for the completion of 70% or 80% of the cases as a yardstick and not 30%. And...
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    How long does it take to get entry to Canada as a skilled immigrant?

    Please check the link below from CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada); look for New Delhi, which is under the column that says "Processing Times at Individual Visa Offices in Asia and Pacific" and go across to rows - they start from when 30% of the cases are finalized to when 80% of the...
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    Change in circumastances

    An applicant can always do a change of address whether in country or out of country while the application is in process BUT it is advisable not to do this when it is too close towards the end of the process. If I understand you correctly, your PR application is handled by the London Consulate -...
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    Need Help for Business Investor VISA

    I assume before you made your decision to immigrate under the Business Investor Visa, you must have done some research /reading. Fortunately, CIC has everything outlined on its website, and that is the information available to you and everybody else. If you are applying from a country other...
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    Number of Pictures Needed for PR app

    Yes, you understood it perfectly; the 5 photos for the DMP is in addition to the 9 photos needed for the PR application. So, all in all, there should be 14 identical photos of your wife, and they should all be according to the specifications in Appendix C. Don't forget that your wife should...
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    Number of Pictures Needed for PR app

    NK, I believe you are sponsoring your wife from within Canada. Also, I remember that you have a daughter who was born in Canada. I am curious as to what checklist you are looking at. It should be Form IMM 5443 -the Document Checklist – and on it, “the applicant” refers to your wife. So...
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    volunteer departed from usa

    The original poster (OP) asked, "Will this immigration history of USA can create problem for canadian immigration petetion?" And the answer is: No, it will not affect his application. He is no longer inside the country from which he was deported, but is currently applying from within his home...
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    Softncool, Also, since you are using the SAP, once you submitted your application in September 2006, you are not supposed to contact them until they start requesting for your additional documents, which would include the IELTS if it is required, and if it was not submitted at the time of the...
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    About transcripts

    Hi Thaiguy, Your input - appreciated - brings to light yet another scenario of how CIC treats individual applications in exercising their discretion. Another case in point is that they will request the IELTS from non-English speakers from one part of the globe despite a declaration of English...
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    Renting after landing

    Way to Go, Thaiguy!
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    Hi Softncool, What that means is that when you submitted your application in September 2006, you should have taken the IELTS test at least 12 months or less prior to submitting your application. For instance, if you had taken the test in October of 2005, the test would have been valid "at...
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    applying from native country or from outside?which is easier?

    Buffalo is way faster - it takes up to 30 months or two and one-half years to completely process most cases, compared to New Dehli which can take up to 71 months or almost 6 years to completely process most cases. And most cases for CIC is interpreted as 80% of the applicants...
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    About transcripts

    1. Usually, most alumni would pay money to order transcripts from their alma mata, and the universities would usually send the transcripts in a sealed envelope either to the alumnus or to a designated third party. 2. You can send the sealed transcript to CIC without much ado and without any...
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    Expired PR Card

    In the above post, you are claiming that you "Lived in Canada from 1996 as Refugee;" also that a "PR card was finally issued in January 2003 under Humanitarian and [Compassionate] basis;" and moreover, you also claimed in the above post that "US Green Card was issued in Oct 2003 from Mother (she...
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    Share certificate for settlement fund?

    Unfortunately, companies' share certificates are not acceptable as proof of funds. However, you can always invest in treasury bills, treasury bonds, and savings bonds.
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    The IELTS results are valid for 1 year. The completion of the PR application for most Pakistanis is currently 5 and half years or more. Since you are going through SAP, it is NOT likely that your Consular Office will start requesting for your additional documents within a 12-month period...