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    TFSA and contribution room

    Thank you. I did search online however there are always some bylaws. For example I got to know that.... if I buy USA company stocks and I get dividends, the dividends are yet taxable even if it's in TFSA. Thanks, Krs
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    TFSA and contribution room

    Hello All, I have a TFSA account and I started stocks -trading this year with my TFSA account. My allocated contribution room this year is 25K and I invested 20K which has now a value of 35K. If I sell my shares, I will get an amount of 35+K which is above the limit provided by CRA. Do I need...
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    PGP 2020

    Drilling more into my concern: I am earning 120K$ for last 10 yrs...but now if my sal drops to 60K in 2020 (lose job after 6 months in 2020) but it is above the the cutoff for PGP, does my lay off matter? OR in other words, the minimum criteria according to PGP means I need to have an active...
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    PGP 2020

    Assuming that the program will start in 2020 ,at some point we need to submit our NOC as a proof of income. For now, if I meet the criteria for past 3 years, do I need to maintain my income for the next year as well. For example, If I qualify for income cut off in 2017 ,2018, 2019 and I apply...
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    PGP 2020

    Just wanted to confirm. I know the rules are not out yet but as per the minimum income requirement of last year, the amount that we are referring to is line 150 of NOA correct (Total income)? I am asking this as : Total Income ( line 150) = Taxable income(net income) + RRSP deduction.
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    SuperVisa Candidate applying for US Visa

    Nothing yet. We have planned to apply for next year April. My Mom got a G1 driving licence which can be used as an ID to pick up passport. She has made a letter to explain why she is visiting. She also got a letter from someone we know from USA which can be termed as a letter of invite.
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    SuperVisa Candidate applying for US Visa

    Hello all, My mom is applying for US Visa and she is on super visa currently with me. She does not have any proof apart from passport and the following: 1. Residential address proof of her as an occupant in the lease 2. Residential address proof on insurance If her visa is approved and if the...
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    Supervisa after visiting USA

    Hello All, My mom is currently in Canada on supervisa and she got her US visa recently. We want to visit US in December. However, while returning from USA to CANADA on Supervisa does she need to have a medical coverage from 1 year of date of re-entry? For example: She has a medical coverage...
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    Return Flight for Supervisa - parents

    Hello All, My parents got Super-visa based on my PR which allows them to stay for 2 years at once. Just a quick question: According to most threads that i found online, some airlines need them to show return flights as well. However, according to regulatory rules, I cannot book return...
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    Proof of Funds Bank Statement

    Generally it is a red flag if there is this much amount suddenly in your account in 1 month. However, it depends on the person reviewing your file. At best delay as much as you can so you have this amount for more that 1 month. You can attach a letter explaining your source of the funds. Keep...
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    Incorrect Last entry date

    Hello All, My last entry date before submitting PR application was in 2016 (India-Canada) but on my COPR its showing my 1st time entry date (2013) as my last entry date. I am planing to reenter via flight. Is there any procedure involved? or should I let the custom/cic authority at airport...
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    Work Permit Extension & passport request

    The present processing days for work permit is 85 days. If I apply for work permit in a few days, is there any downside of it? If I receive my passport early and my bridge permit is under process, can I do the same procedure or Do I need to tell them or do any procedure with cic to let them...
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    Work Permit Extension & passport request

    Hi, I received passport request for PR Visa and I have sent it today on 3rd Oct 2017. Estimated time for passport return is 4 weeks. My present work permit (PGWP) is expiring on 10th Nov 2017. Do I need to apply for bridging work permit? Can I cross the border and complete the procedure even...
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    Entering Canada <3 months permit

    Hello All, I am in Canada and I have open work permit for 3 years (PGWP). I have applied for PR and My work permit is expiring in 3 months and I have to travel to US for work. Is there any restriction of leaving or entering Canada with work permit ? For example, I heard that I can travel on...
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    Leaving and Entering Canada restrictions

    Hello All, I am in Canada and I have open work permit for 3 years (PGWP). My work permit is expiring in 3 months and I have to travel to US for work. Is there any restriction of leaving or entering Canada with work permit ? For example, I heard that I can travel on work permit and return to...
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    Visitor Visa Expired

    I got 1 year visitor's Visa and I had travelled to Canada from my home country(India) once. But my visitor's Visa expired last week. Can I apply for visitor's Visa again? I heard that I am not eligible to apply for visitor's Visa again as its expired. I could not find anything like that on cic...
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    Bridge WorkPermit

    Hi, I want to apply for bridge work permit and I have 3 months left for my PGWP to expire and I fall in the eligibility crieteria. I have applied my PR from an immigration lawyer who is charging me a lot to apply for bridge work Permit nor is he sharing any documents. I applied for PR 2 months...
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    PCC for Citizenship

    Hi, I went through the cic site but could not find anything about police verification but have heard from people applying for it. I have got my PR few years back and I will soon be applying for citizenship. I wanted to know if PCC or any police clearance from India is needed for Indian passport...
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    BC PNP Contract + full time

    Hi , I signed a contract with my employer in BC on Dec 2015 and I was offered a full time on June 2016. I wanted to apply for BC PNP in Dec , after i complete a year. For Pnp, I need to show that I have 1 year experience . Will my year be counted from Dec or from June? Am I elegible ? My...