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    What is Next at CHC London?

    Hi Guys, In answer to your questions. 1) I applied and got file number in March 2005. I then got asked for additional info in January 2007. 2) Whole thing has taken approx 3 years, however they do say it is now a lot longer. Good luck to you all. Jeff
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    What is Next at CHC London?

    Hi Chau, I got asked for my additional info in January 2007 and then got asked to go for my medicals in June 2007 and then got my PR from CHC London at beginning of September 2007. Just waiting for house sale to go through and I am off! Hope this helps you. Good luck. Jeff
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    Proof of funds

    Hi All, When I land in Canada and show proof of funds in the form of a statement from my Canadian bank account, can I take that money out after I land and take it back to the uk temporarily without any problems? Or do I have to keep it in my account for a certain amount of time? Many thanks for...
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    landing and customs

    Hi all, in the process of preparing to land in Vancouver. On my list of stuff to follow do I need to list each individual item and value or can I put 100 CDS 30 DVD etc. Also not 100% sure of exactly what is coming. How do I approach this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    landing questions

    Does anyone know the questions the immigration officer will ask at the port of entry when presenting PR visa and COPR forms?
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    Please help me!!

    Hi All great forum and lots of info. I have a problem. I have just been to the high commission London and got my visa in my passport and copr form. While my passport was in my Aunt who lives in Canada and gave me the extra 5 points I needed died. What I need to know is do I need to declare this...