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    Taxable amount for money from foreign investment

    Not very sure it would be just below 10k. Those guys said to him because he is a PR, having money in large amounts won't affect him. Those friends of his also said they are consulting with lawyers and a business consultant about the same matter, so there is nothing to worry about. Is it possible...
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    Taxable amount for money from foreign investment

    I have a friend who has a Canadian PR. Couple friends of his who are in work permit intent to start a business with around 120k through foreign investors. They are approaching my friend to receive part of the money from the foreign national (whom my friend does not know) to evade taxes. I...
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    3D Artist Seeking Help For Artist Immigration Requirements Don't know much about, but check it out.
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    Studying ESL in Canada

    Try to do with a university and as a pathway to a university program, you need to prepare a good sop for this.
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    help me please i am in between a problem

    Common-law relationship ? Check your provincial requirements to see whether you meet them.
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    Sunrise University acceptable in canada or not?

    This is true. I know a couple of them who have their degrees from this degree mill (most of them didnt even stay there for a whole year and got their engineering degrees). I know some who are in Canada with those certificates. Talk with University administrators to grease WES palms in a timely...
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    How to find prescription medicinals online by content and its percentage ?

    How to find prescription/ over the counter tablets, syrups, ointments, creams, lotions, etc by content through online ? Before coming to Canada, I was able to find them through,, etc. How do I find medications available in Canada and their price ? Is...
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    Immigrant stamp on passport and expiry date

    When I was a student, I had a student visa stamp stating this year to this year. I understood that. Now as resident it only has 8 months or so ?
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    Immigrant stamp on passport and expiry date

    On my immigrant visa stamp in my passport there is only eight months of validity, what is it, a typo ?
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    Master degree in neurocognitive psychology, look job in Canada

    Try smaller educational institutes, but having a PhD, couple of focused articles (in good journals), and teaching experience is something that everyone is looking for maintaining the assumption of a good hire.
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    Unused federal and provincial tuition and education amounts & RRSP deduction limit statement ?

    In simple English what does "unused federal and provincial tuition and education amounts" & "RRSP deduction limit statement" mean like what is it and what should the amount mean to one ? Need simple, elaborated, and clear answers. Thanks.
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    Filling RC151

    For anyone going through the same issue: It is fine to put an approximate amount in terms of $ value, as I understand there can be at least two ways to calculate the conversion rate. Resident of Canada does not mean permanent resident of Canada, it means from what date one started residing in...
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    CERB Clarification

    I am good buddy: Thanks.
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    CERB Clarification

    If your employer does not lay you off but gives you fewer hours of work or an unpaid leave for at least 14 consecutive days during a four-week period you may qualify for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). from
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    CERB Clarification

    Source of information:,, This is my understanding, I...
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    Filling RC151

    I guess, I have to check with someone who does this sort of stuff rather than doing it myself. I do not know the actual income, all I have is the amount mentioned in T4 slip for the whole year. About the rest, very hard to explain if the other person is oblivious to the social scenario of the...
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    Filling RC151

    Sorry: total taxable income divided by 12 months to find an approximate amount of income to the date I became resident. Less than C$2000 was my reality of global income and money for immigrating to Canada was entirely through gift. However, I understand that this reality cannot be even...
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    Filling RC151

    I have been asked to submit RC151 form for tax purposes by CRA. Reporting income: - I was a part-time employee in Canada, so the income varied. Is it okay if I divide the taxable income by 12 and report it as...
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    Error—ERR.062: Cannot register a CRA Account

    My 2017 tax filing has already gone through. However, on that my middle name is not included in my last name but it is included in my 2018 filing, and it hasn't gone through yet. Where should I call to correct it and also solve ERR.062. Regards.