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  1. chente

    Looking for accommodation in or around North York

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  2. chente

    Portuguese PCC and legalization

    Finally we just translated it (it was almost everything in Portuguese/English but not 100%. Then we explained int he LOE that is electronic version and added the link where it can be verified. It worked.
  3. chente

    Travel History - trips to multiple countries

    Hey, I just added them on the LOE. Enter the most recent ones (20 or 30? I don't remember) and then on the LOE include all the rest in the same format. Travel dates are on the travel history, not on the personal one. The personal one is for work, internship, study, long trips...
  4. chente

    OINP Human Capital stream > Should I provide documents for all years of work

    Thanks! I am landing in a week! You too, Good luck with the process.
  5. chente

    OINP Human Capital stream > Should I provide documents for all years of work

    Showed first 2 and last 2. Submitted payrolls and for one job just explained that the payment was done by cash so there was no proof of it (attached a email from the HR saying the same).
  6. chente

    Service Canada Timings at the time of Landing

    Do you know until what time service canada opens in the Toronto Pearson? Landing next week at 6pm.
  7. chente

    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    Second option, add two year education as one entry and than also add internship of two month for the overlapping period in education. In my case I just wrote the education period (didn't wrote about the internship because I counted it as a part of the degree)
  8. chente

    Work history in progress after submitting e-APR

    Hey, don't worry about it, should be just a glitch. We got COPR with no problem at all
  9. chente

    OINP Human Capital stream > Should I provide documents for all years of work

    Hey, finally I submitted everything (ref letter, contract and payment proof) for all the paid jobs in the last 10 years, because that's what Ontario requires. Later after ITA only submitted the reference letter from my current job (last 4 years). Hope it helps
  10. chente

    My Job Hunt Story

    Hey I am in a similar situation (digital marketing), and landing in the first week of April. Do you want to connect through LinkedIn?
  11. chente

    Pet friendly accomodation in Toronto / GTA ?

    I am landing next month with a cat and booked an Airbnb for a month that allows pets (there are quite a lot that allows). After that, we plan to find some long-term place (There are quite a lot of self-managed buildings that are pet-friendly, for landlords, it really depends, but many will allow...
  12. chente

    PCC from China! HELP!!

    Yeah try anyway, because before they told me that they needed the letter from the employer and finally at the time of the application they even didn't ask for it.
  13. chente

    My settlement experience

    Hey, from Spain! you?
  14. chente

    PCC from China! HELP!!

    Hey, actually no prove at all, just explained that the PCC only cover the period with working visa, then attached the working visa too, where the dates were the same as in the PCC. Anything I can help? What is your case?
  15. chente

    My settlement experience

    Did you adapt your resume for the Canadian standards? I don't think so if you applied 200 jobs in 3 months. Anyway good luck!
  16. chente

    PNP Outland AOR 2016-2017 let's connect here for timelines

    Everything is fine, there is only photo in the COPR
  17. chente

    OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

    Hi, is there any explanation you can give to them about why you only have the contract for the last 8 months? Same for older jobs. Honestly what we did was explain (many times support with emails with the companies) as better as we could in the letter of explanation, and everything was ok. It...
  18. chente

    My landing experience at Toronto (YYZ)

    Thanks for the details buddy! Planning for my landing in less than 3 months!