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    SEPTEMBER 2019 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship

    Sent on Sep 3rd Recieved on Sep 6th
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    Hi everyone, Submitted my spousal pr application Application sent: 3rd Sep Received : 6th Sep
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    Did my landing but went out of Canada

    Did u receive any email from bank to submit any documents ?
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    Waiting for PR card..outside Canada

    Hi all, I m in India and m waiting for my PR card..I did soft landing for a month in November to confirm my PR n then came back to India in December for my marriage..i stayed there with my friend in rented accomodation..I opened a bank account in RBC in nov month n recently received an email...
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    Help Please PR Travel

    There is no document required to go outsode Canada.. U can go withouw an issue and apply travel document which ll allow u to enter Canada. Once u ll be back in Canada u can renew ur passport.
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    Getting married post CoPR (before soft landing)

    Hi guys, I am in same boat.. I landed for few days and came back to India for marriage. Now m married n waiting for PR card which is taking long.. If i apply for PRTD. How much time it takes to get PRTD. Also should i mention the actual reason of coming back or something else.
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    Prtd for new immigrants.

    Hi Guys, I also need PRTD to travel back to Canada as I have not received my PR card yet. Plz suggest should i mention the genuine reason of coming back to India. I came back to India after soft landing for my marriage (spent a month there in winnipeg). Plz answer below questions Do i need...
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    How to apply PRTD

    Hi all, I am in India currently. I need to apply Permanent travel document to go back to Canada . I have Canadian PR however i have not received PR card yet..I did soft landing n came back without PR card.. Plz help what documents required to get PRTD n what to write in application.. I came...
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    First landing.. Need to go back to India without PR card

    Please help me with list of documents required to get PRTD. also can i get it from Canada as well before i travel ??
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    SIN issue

    Thanks for ur response.
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    SIN issue

    Hi All, I visited service canada to get SIN however due to system issue (not working properly) they asked me to fill in the form to get SIN and asked me to wait for 4-6 weeks and they will mail it to my Canadian address.. They provoded me acknowledgement that i have applied for SIN..I need to...
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    Landed PR -- SIN # problem? (Please help)

    Hey, Did u get ur SIN. .??
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    Address of other province for mailing PR card

    Hi all, I am going back to India wihtwit PR card. I have given my current address to get PR card however as i m moving to India I don't want my PR card to be dispatched here. Can I change my address online to get PR card at didiffere address ??
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    First landing.. Need to go back to India without PR card

    Thank you for ur prompt response.. I visited service canada office to get SIN however their systems were not working properly so officer asked me to fill in the form to get SIN.. He asked me to wait for 4-6 weeks to get SIN.. As per him i ll receive it within 6 weeks at my Canadian address.. So...
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    First landing.. Need to go back to India without PR card

    All responses would be appreciated.
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    First landing.. Need to go back to India without PR card

    Hi all, I am a new immigrant. Landed in Canada first time three weeks ago 8 nov. I have not received my PR card and SIN yet.. I need to go back to India to get married and to complete resignation formalities from current employer by mid of December month. Can i re enter Canada without PR card...