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    CBC news update about oath ceremonies and tests
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    Citizenship Test Resumption Prediction
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    Where to invest in Real Estate
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    Buying a Condo in North york

    @steaky There are many old houses out in the market that suits my personal taste. Only problem is the damn price. But I will surely buy in Toronto as I come across a fair deal. For rebuilding a detached House will cost just over $ 350000/-. Its the land value that is the main issue. A 40 X 120...
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    Buying a Condo in North york

    Condo was my first choice. Later consulting many friends I dropped the plan as their is no control over maintenance fees /building funds. Next was townhouse . After viewing a few dropped that plan too since I do not like the layout of going up and down the wooden stairs in 2 to 3 floor...
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    Whitby Vs Milton
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    Need Help with correct NOC

    Hope this article helps you...
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    Blood Relation Proof

    Types of Relatives Eligible for Points Mother or Father Son or daughter Niece or Nephew Grandmother or Grandfather Aunt or Uncle Grandchild Brother or Sister You will note that cousins and close friends are not included on the list and hence are not eligible to award additional points.
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    International Students read..............
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    Time line for Permanent Residence application for Refugees
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    Will citizenship tests and interviews start soon?
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    For International students
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    Tax on money transferred from US savings account to Canada
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    HELP [India]: Newbie lookin' to get into Master's College (Marketing)

    Your kin can provide you all the details as well.
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    Durham area nuclear plants!! Safe to buy a home!?

    Darlington is around 24kms away from Whitby located in Bowmanville. It will never be closed . Next Pickering and Whitby distance is around 18 kms. Regarding safety of Durham residents if all were to think about this nuclear plant aspect you will find no human being in Pickering/Ajax...
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    Durham area nuclear plants!! Safe to buy a home!?

    Jancy please read this article : Next read this one: My personal opinion as a Mallu is you should consider Whitby. The prices...
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    Need help!! Pgwp expires, no job, need suggestions regarding good options which can help in staying.,13.htm
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    pg programs after
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    Clearing customs?
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    Residential Address clarification