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    Hong Kong VO Timeline for PNP Application

    Which province's PNP you are going for?
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    How to know about career colleges which are eligible for PGWP ?

    Why the hell you have to consider private colleges while there are tons of public colleges with more reputation than private colleges?
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    Could high toefl score increase the likelihood of getting study permit?

    There are aslo spp and SDS in China,I am now have ielts 6.0,If I get toefl higher score equivalent to more than IELTS 6.0 later,should I show IELTS or TOEFL or just both or them
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    An English question about IELTS and TOEFL

    IELTS 6.5 with no mininum section below 6.0 and TOEFL 86 with no minimum sections below 20,which is easier?
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    How do you guys view my condition?

    I have got my IELTS 6.0 in this january but it's still not enough for red river college and university of manitoba,I will take IELTS or TOEFL again this month ,I finnally focus on studying in province because it provides better policy for international students studying in manitoba to apply PR...
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    How do you guys view my condition?

    I graduated from high school in 2011 with not nice score in College Entrance Exam to apply university so I restudied 12 grades again and retook the exam again and went to college in mechanical engineering.After one years study,I dropped out due to the bad study atmosphere and the restriction of...
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    Should I reapply study permit

    I am not saying the expiry date if I do not come to Canada after getting my study permit,I mean if I apply study permit using my offer of 2 years diploma from college,Does study permit indicate the the exact date or month that I have to leave Canada?
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    Confused between colleges please help?

    I might reply wrong thread,last time I saw a post saying a guy want to apply diploma or PG degree in Canadian college after completing bechelor degree in UCL or something in London.
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    Could 90,000 CAD support me to finish B.s of computer science

    the tuition fees for a year in CS is 15000 CAD,I am going to study 3 years with no COOP or 4 years with COOP
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    Which province provide better policy for international students to immigrate?

    But after I did some research,I always found that studying in the local province will give international study many benefits for PNP,I think it is very competitive to go for mainstream immigration stream like CEC in the future after the initiation of Express Entry since CIC adopted this policy...
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    Hong Kong VO Timeline for PNP Application

    I am from guangdong,which place and unviersity are you going to study?
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    Is CIC Student Permit Online Application paperless?

    In China,there are tons of people spending 2000 USD or so to hire agents to help then to apply school and Study Permit,how about in your country?
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    Reviews on Humber / Conestoga

    If you have work experience outside Canada for 3 years at least,It would be pretty beneficial for you to apply CEC under Express Entry since this will give you 50 points if you can get high mark in IELTS under CRS,otherwise,I would suggest you to study in prairie provinces and eastern provinces...
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    Should I reapply study permit

    Does Study Permit indicate the end date of my study period?
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    Should I reapply study permit

    If I transfer from diploma in college to undergraduate program in university ?
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    Could 90,000 CAD support me to finish B.s of computer science

    in University of Manitoba with doing coop?
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    Why not going for PNP?

    I think PNP is far more easier
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    Why we can't show intention of immigration while applying for Study Permit?

    almost 30% percent of vancouver population are Chinese,to add another races,the white is minority :D