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    Study after PR in Canada

    What are your statuses as of now? Anyone applied and got into a study program after PR? I also want to study once I go there.. will we be able to apply as a domestic student if we have COPR but not yet landed there??
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    Study loan after PR

    Hi What finally happpened? what is your status now... I also want to study after getting my PR and want to apply for financial help
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    Marriage status changed after AOR

    What have you decided to do?? What is the update
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    PCC Bahrain from India

    No. Just the stamp from the commissioner's office. Which your local police station will send to after taking the fingerprints
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    PCC Bahrain from India

    Hello to all on this thread.. I recently applied for Bahrain PCC twice from Bangalore, India ( March and July). I went to the Commisioner's office and paid 500Rs for fingerprints. This process takes lots of time cause of the wait. You will have to get the form, fill it, pay the 500 at a...
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    PCC Bahrain from India

    This thread has been really helpful! I am confused whether to spend RS.3000 on getting finger prints from REALSCAN BIOMETRIC, Bangalore or pay lesser at the police commisioners office.. Any advice?
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    Transcripts from Bangalore University for ECA at WES

    This thread has been helpful. I am planning to call BU soon. Will they understand if I say WES has sent my documents for verification? And can I speak to them in English? or do they only speak kannada well? @robin.philip21 My Bacherlors was done from an autonomous college. Will those...