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    DL extract to ON G license - complete experience

    Call them to find out
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    Keeping Bank Accounts and Investments alive in the US after moving to Canada

    > Is it OK if I give these institutions my friend's address You should be able to give a care of address of your friend. But it still required to update your residency status for tax purposes.
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    Best Canada Bank account / Credit Card for new immigrant

    Yes, check their website for global transfer or call customer care . One note, us credit history may be more widely accepted by other vendors. My comment about American Express is true for other countries as well
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    Best Canada Bank account / Credit Card for new immigrant

    Any of the big banks will have a similar story : CIBC, TD, rbc
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    Best Canada Bank account / Credit Card for new immigrant

    It depends on the card you want, for a basic credit card, they would only check for your sin and maybe ask for a minimum balance in account to issue a free credit card. And yes, many balls have newcomer deals. For anything more substantial, there might be a requirement to provide a guarantor...
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    Required Travel Documents

    App description says If you are arriving in Canada within 2 weeks you can use this app to save reduce wait times at Canadian ports of entry and limit points of contact by filling your information before you arrive. The app works in airplane mode and allows you to save your information to submit...
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    At the Airport - Covid App, Quarantine Plan

    Just use services like skipthedishes ubereats or even individual restaurants, they will deliver it right at your door step. Most will let you schedule delivery as early as next week
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    Indian Passport Renewal from BLS Toronto

    Yes I would think so
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    To all settlers, I need advice

    Pre arrival services can't help if one has landed, soft or otherwise
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    Bringing Laptop and Phone - tax?

    Just curious, what is your status? Settlers can bring a lot more than just phone and laptop, they can bring all of their goods if they need to
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    Can I get G license in Ontario directly? with Indian license and recently expired US license

    As stated above quite a few posts on this forum citing instances where they exchanged licenses that recently expired
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    Driver's License in Ontario with Indian DL and letter from RTO

    Yes license is needed in original
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    COVID-19 / PR VISA about to expire

    Covid would come up under h&c reasons for extension Jan 2021 is quite far off and hopefully situation should be better by then
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    Best Canada Bank account / Credit Card for new immigrant

    Yes online banks would typically expect pr card
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    Address Notification for PR Card

    Yes, any address will do
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    Renew Indian Passport at Indian Consulate Toronto

    2. No 3. Yes, you can apply to reissue passport within 1 year of expiry. you only need passport when you want to travel outside country. but as a foreign citizen, do realise that not having a valid passport means you cannot undertake urgent travel for ex. For family emergency back home or for...
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    Best Canada Bank account / Credit Card for new immigrant

    Now that basic premise is set, I can reply on remaining questions here Bank Name ? (Not sure if Canada has concept of Credit Union like in US). Td+Motus bank Minimum Balance needed ? None Credit card ? Yes Monthly fees ? None. Big bank will usually waive it for a year and continue doing in...
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    Best Canada Bank account / Credit Card for new immigrant

    From my experience, I would recommend creating 2 accounts. one in a big bank. All of them have immigrant package which gives checking account+debit+credit card for free. You can use this account to withdraw cash from ATMs as needed and also build credit. Examples include CIBC, td, rbc. I would...
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    Are domestic flights banned inside the province for permanent residents who arrived from foreign countries?

    a. If you are entering Canada, you have to self isolate for 2 weeks. You can fly directly to your final destination but landing at a place and then taking flight after few days has risk of exposing all the folks who come in contact with you. b. There is no different treatment for residents or...
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    Ontario Driver's License Exchange with a NJ Driver's License

    Check for a specific thread on this forum for nj license transfers