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    Moving from Quebec to another province

    Hello, I am an international student and I have just started my college . One if my friend has finished his studies and he is waiting for his work permit . Recently , we have decided to move to another province but we are not sure which province is the best and fastest option for us in order to...
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    Hello, I have a friend he is an international student in a college , he has turned 18 , two months ago . Does he have to fill out the tax form?
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    l Ok thank ,many of my coworkers with the same income as me , have applied for cerb and have received it .But I won't apply if it's against the conditions.
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    Hi, Im a part time worker in a coffee shop and my income before pandemic was about 1000$ .Right know I go to work and I get the same income ( sometimes it will be around 1200 $) Can I apply for cerb ?or is it too risky , because i've always received the same income and pandemic hasn't changed...