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    Refused Visitor Extension due to 179(b) of the IRPR

    Not strange at all . ETA doesn’t guarantee a six month stay upon arrival. Each traveller is evaluated upon entry . As well if the individual visited 4x in 5 years , how long was each stay ? If they stayed longer than a usual visitor , of course thats going to raise the level of scrutiny the...
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    Pathway to permanent residency recognizes exceptional service of asylum claimants on front lines of COVID-19 pandemic

    They may have been working , but they don’t fall into the parameters of the Government announcement “Under this measure, asylum claimants across the country who are working on the front lines providing direct care to patients in health-care institutions will be able to apply for permanent...
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    Visitor from Sri Lanka

    Still extremely slim, you may have cancelled the application, but his immigration history is still in the system And you can “ attempt “ to sponsor patents once the program reopens , there’s no guarantee More than likely your father back home was the tie for your mother to get her visa to visit...
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    However they could approve it in the future Officer probably feels why would this be Canada’s responsibility permanently? Some treatments approved in other countries aren’t available here for residents
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    It isn’t because there isn’t any treatments in her home country , it’s that they haven’t been approved by her Government
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    Because people would then complain about the cost
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    Refuge passport

    Unfortunately, that promise won’t over come the facts . As well , the UK is close by with English being their first language , why not apply there for English classes ? Doesn’t make sense to go around the world to learn English , when there’s a English speaking country close to you
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    Entering Canada

    The airline will more than likely call to confirm you’re ok to board with the CBSA even BEFORE you get on the plane If you aren’t allowed , the CBSA will say so then
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    Expiring PR Outside canada

    That’s what “ Permanent Residency “ typically entails , you move permanently after qualifying, filling in forms ,jumping thru the proverbial immigration hoops You move
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    Deliver baby in the US

    Just be prepared monetarily that when you bring the child back into Canada it’ll be considered a visitor, and that all the routine checkups care infants normally get in the first year or so , you’ll have to pay. It won’t be covered by OHIP Get private insurance for any emergency coverage
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    Canada International Reopening

    No body has any idea . Especially with the # of cases increasing around the world
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    Your situation has been discussed extensively The United States May have expunged your record , as you’ve been told , Canada might not
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    CBC news update about oath ceremonies and tests

    I’d probably recheck your news source It’s CBC, I’m pretty sure that CBS which is an American news source doesn’t really care about the Citizenship issues in Canada CBC= Canada Broadcasting Corporation CBS=. Columbia Broadcasting System
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    Spouse Work - Self Employed

    Once you have PR you can work in whatever field you want No, you can’t include your parents
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    Where to invest in Real Estate

    What goes up must always come down If everyone is SO sure of the real estate market in Toronto, you can easily Google what happened back in 1988/1989.... Same thing with oil Why do you think the oil industry is in such a mess Because the industry always banked on high oil prices .....and we can...
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    Sponsoring Future Husband

    You get married on your FIRST visit , or even on your second , you’re looking at more red flags then at a Mayday parade in Moscow on your application Btw, nothing will be fast and or convenient
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    Because not all people finish their stated education in Canada , drop out etc , or can’t get a job after graduating then start attempting to get work here, or just don’t want to leave If you’re intention is too immigrate then go thru Express Entry They are strict because they are allowed to be...
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    Applying for international student visa in 38 years of age

    Have a look thru the list