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    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    Hi - if someone can help me with proof of funds for express entry - i m a student studying in australia - and applying for express entry from australia - can my dad gives me money to show as a proof of fund - if yes - should the amount be in Australia or it can be in my home country account -...
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    PNP for accountant

    guys i have - a crs score of 417 - by trying many times i just get 6-6.5 in ielts writing - which get me away from the magical figure - 8777 now what can i do ? accountant - plz help me and guide me - thanks -
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    Clarification on : Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees.

    i have done 2 years of bechlors and 2 years of masters of business administration will it be consider bechlors ?? plz reply ?
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    part time 20 hours per week acceptable ?

    do u guys file the case too ? if yes how much u charge ? thnx
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    part time 20 hours per week acceptable ?

    Bro - i have been working since oct -2016 regularly - till now 20 hrs a week. so thats like 77 weeks now - am i eligible to apply for express entry - plz reply bro - lots of people are saying no - bcs they say cic will count my exp as 15 per hour - can u please help me - thnkxx.
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    Federal skill worker experience

    Hi, Can you please tell me the working experience from a foreign country be acceptable for express entry program It says 1560 hours - either 15 hrs part time or 30 hrs as full time. what if a person has done 20 hrs a week and have 1560 hrs ?? related to his occupation - is it acceptable or...