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    Applying on Canadian passport by post

    This is stupid. They send passport by Xpresspost (why not put the certificate in that envelope too). Why mail separately ?? Not only an added expense but also very stupid to send such a document in ordinary mail. Anyway please keep a copy before sending original by mail, or wait and apply...
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    Do I have to Inform IRCC if I Plan to Leave Canada After I Submit Citizenship Application

    apply yourself and give your uncle's address to IRCC. Ask uncle to keep an eye on mail, and provide email to IRCC in forms as they may send invitation by email too
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    Is cateogry IM1 qualifies as a multiple entry visa?

    Ask your father/family if you all are still PR's Probably will need to reapply as PR status requirements haven't been met......apply for a PRTD @ Canadian Embassy or VFS in New Delhi
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    SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

    Can you confirm in your PPR, that: Is the CHC still using VFS Offices for passport/visa stamping or is the passport courier directly to CHC-Islamabad ??
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    IRCC could combine virtual tests/oath together...

    yeah but this is canada and those unionized govt employees don't really give an EFF about immigrant applications. Not gonna happen unless corruption involved and some big money contract to some private corp owned by some politician or family/friend etc
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    Permanently leaving Canada just after submitting my citizenship application

    No, just make sure you can get here in time for test/oath......but those seem far away at the moment, probably will take several months or yrs. Make sure you provide them an email address and a physical address too as sometimes they invite by mail But i think u have alot of time before it would...
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    Applying on Canadian passport by post

    Maybe attach a certified copy (by notary) instead of original...........dont want it to get lost......getting a replacement would be a pain given delays at IRCC. Attach a certified/notarised copy if by mail. Or try apply in person thru Passport Office
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    Citizenship test: Collective action required, or expect endless delays, years. Example of the effective lobbyng of people awaiting spousal sponsorship

    Testing should be scrapped anyway, specially in pandemic. Just check the documents, make sure people are eligible, and give them oath or even scrap the oath and just give them citizenship. That's easy. CommonSense. Seriously. Otherwise people will be stuck waiting months and years without PR...
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    When does your status in Canada expire?

    I'd put a 90-day ahead date or perhaps a 6-month. If paper form just write implied status there
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    SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

    Prepare for a long wait. Canada pe umeed na rakho bhai, wahin pe koi job waghera kero.....covid19 ki waja se aur zyada dair lagaygi. Behter hai ke apki wife apko visit kerlain aur apkay sath waha pe time guzar lein. Boht sabar wala kaam hai visa ka wait kerna. Ap filhaal pakistan mein kaam...
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    LVO Spouse Interview Islamabad

    Are they willing to help you get a UK Visa and will they bear the travel expenses ?? If not, tell them to do interview at Islamabad. Asking someone to go for interview halfway across the world, WTF is that
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    Get a local girlfriend.
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    Bringing new born to Canada

    Apply both, together if posisble. Get the baby's indian documents sorted out first, then do for Canada as baby will need passport. You may need to buy health insurance for your infant (since some cdn provinces have 3-month wait time for healthcare coverage).......check that for your province.
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    210,930 Citizenship Grant Applications PENDING - including 42,000 awaiting citizenship ceremony and 87,000 awaiting citizenship test (as of May 2020)

    IRCC needs to make some covid19 laws, and simply GRANT citizenship to those who apply. If they're too scared to do any interaction with public, then just approve/accept/grant the applications and send the certificates to the applicant's home There is absolutely no sense in making people wait...
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    SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

    VFS offices in UK does not have anything to do with applicants from Pakistan....they only deal with uk residents. For people in Pakistan, they would need VFS in Isb, Lahore and Khi to be open (which I doubt right now). Even if CHC-London opened and processes applications, you still need to...
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    How long to wait for application number?

    The pandemic has affected worldwide. IRCC offices still closed or barely opened......and they're all still stuck in old times (manual paperwork). Expect things now to take forever. At least you 2 are together. It will take months/years to process stuff now unless they approve ALL files etc to...
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    No update from IRCC on citizenship oath ceremony. Next steps?

    If you have their contact email or phone #, send them email or call them to inquire. Ask them if they have mailed it out and how long it would take to receive certificate and whether its been sent as registered or ordinary mail. At least they should've sent/emailed an electronic copy too
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    PGP - Integration after they arrive

    Let them land ASAP. This way they become PR now and get the status/PR Card. Once they arrive, take them to ServiceCanada office to get their SIN#. Then open bank accounts. Also visit ServiceOntario to apply for Ontario Photo Card (its good as ID). The photo card comes in 1-2 weeks generally and...
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    PR card transferred to local office for further investigation

    It wasn't me. I'm a citizen for 9+ yrs already Someone I know in community applied. CIC kept their file in Hamilton until they passed the 730 days. Then they issue letter saying they approve pr card. But they had some reasons (documentation and proof) for the long stay outside canada and not...
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    Citizenship certificate and passport timeline for newborn in Canada

    Make sure you apply/obtain the Long-form Birth Certificate for the baby. In Ontario its also known as the "certified copy of birth registration" thats what you use to apply baby's passport. Use the newborn registration bundle (online application on ServiceOntario) if you're in ontario. You would...