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  1. primaprime

    CEC CRS 448: Should I give new IELTS or wait?

    Retake the IELTS as it is the fastest way to improve your CRS score, and there may not be further CEC-only draws with a cutoff as low as 448.
  2. primaprime

    International student stream in ontario

    Yes, they should be addressing it to you.
  3. primaprime

    My Study Permit application got refused just two days after Applying, what to do?

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but they don't devote that much attention to your SOP. They will spend a few seconds skimming it at best and certainly won't read a 15 page essay. Applying again for the same program is what conveys desperation.
  4. primaprime

    Calculation of work experience under FSW- Please HELP!

    Only one year needs to be continuous.
  5. primaprime

    Study visa application got rejected twice

    Unfortunately they only spend a few seconds skimming your SOP at best.
  6. primaprime

    International student stream in ontario

    The employer should be addressing the job offer to you.
  7. primaprime

    Valid job offer question

    If your score is already at 481 without points for a job offer you can go ahead and apply without one. You can include a LOE if you like, but changing something between your profile and your application is normal and not a problem if it doesn't drop you below the cutoff score or MEC. If you...
  8. primaprime

    reapplying after 3 rejection

    Past refusals can count against you. Consider requesting your GCMS notes. If you want more detailed advice share your full profile.
  9. primaprime

    Calculation of work experience under FSW- Please HELP!

    Assuming all of these jobs were over 30 hours per week you should be able to claim three years by June 2021.
  10. primaprime

    my Study permit rejected sept 15

    Did you change anything in your new application? They want to see logical career progression, so a diploma in a totally different field makes no sense. Then bringing your spouse reduces your ties to your home country quite a lot and makes it seem more likely that you won't leave Canada when and...
  11. primaprime

    Aip related

    Admissibility is considered during stage 2, which is evidently not ideal, but that's how they've set it up. If he gets approved for a study permit, then he was either mistaken in his belief that he was banned (perhaps misled by a consultant), or he applied to overcome his inadmissibility with a...
  12. primaprime

    Aip related

    Indeed, and I can guarantee that an inadmissible person will not be approved in stage 2 because IRCC is not allowed under the law to approve the entry of someone who is inadmissible to Canada. AIP does not involve an admissibility check.
  13. primaprime

    Proof of Professional Status or Licensure

    I may be mistaken. Usually software engineering is not regulated/licenced the same way other forms of engineering are, but perhaps it's required in Saskatchewan.
  14. primaprime

    Aip related

    False hope? IRCC will not approve an inadmissible applicant.
  15. primaprime

    Study permit field of study

    Who submitted your application? One of the requirements is a letter of acceptance.
  16. primaprime

    Work permit from Ireland

    Work permits are taking about six months nowadays.
  17. primaprime

    Study permit field of study

    I highly doubt you were issued a study permit without any proof you'd been admitted to a DLI.
  18. primaprime

    Bc pnp

    Nobody knows how long it will take.