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    Landing : Document important

    Hello senior , what should I bring to do landing: Passport, COPR working permitte Passport Baby if shes canadian bank Statement thank you so much... is enough or there is anyelse regard rgk
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    landing at rainbow bridge or fort erie.

    Hello guys.. I have question about landing at rainbow bridge or fort Erie. I plan landing by drive or walk is more better? Because I'm not really familiar with the road. And also I don't have USA visa. Can anyone give me advise. Thank you. Secondly do i have to wait CoPR or i can apply health...
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    Delay RCMP need advise

    Hello senior , I would like to ask and please give some advise. I had not received initial email to submit document RCMP criminal check record for my wife base on january 29 2014. but on april 15, I received an email said that final reminder to submit document RCMP with due date 30 days.and...
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    photo for medical check up

    HELLO GUYS AND SENIOR, I would like to ask about medical exam,the doctor need photo or not?i hear with e medical we dont need bring not sure with my doctor next tuesday. i would like to know the spesific size photo for medial exam.anyone know?i was searching only passport photo and...
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    need aadvise about cover letter for rcmp

    last name given name dob uci application number type of application Sub: Enclosing RCMP Criminal Record Check Dear Officer, My name is xxxx and I am an applicant for Permanent Residence of Canada, Canadian Experience Class (Application No: xxxx). I was unable to submit addition document...
  6. rgk

    after medical

    After medical, can we pay RPRF or we have to wait CIC ask to long is it usually we received RPRF after MD?
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    Apply BOWP

    Anyone have idea how to apply BOWP, and what next step after we approve our BOWP, we have to apply TRV. Thank Rgk
  8. rgk

    Re cover letter up date reference letter

    Hello, Any body can saw me or give me example how to write cover letter up date reference letter.. Or someone find the forum talking about cover letter example. Thank so much and I appreciate... Bcos my English not good enough to write. Thank again
  9. rgk

    up date rederence letter after AOR

    Hello senior I would like to ask, where I have to send up date reference letter to CEC after I receive AOR, do i have to send it original or i can scan nd email them. And do i have to write cover letter to explain them. Thank you very much for all. RGK
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    Re new reference letter after AOR

    Hello senior, 1. I would like to ask, I sent already my application received AOR in document I sent two copy of reference letter from my Bos two of them I used it for opening bank nd buy a car. I work since sept 15 2011, nd the reference letter sept 2012 nd October only the basic like salary...
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    apply cece, and work to nrw employe

    Hello senior... I would like to ask, I just apply CEC, nd got my AOR.. my current WP will expired on Sept 27, nd will be 3 years. My question is 1. If I move to new employer I can't use my current WP isnt? 2. My new employer must apply LMO nd get me new WP? 3. Is gonna effect my CEC...
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    apply CEC, work in new employee

    Hello senior please give me advise. 1. My current work permitted will finished sept 2014, and will be 3 years in canada. But I plan to work in other company. Do I have to apply new work permit, 2. It's gonna effect my CEC application? And do i have new reference letter from my new company...
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    certified or need affidavit and notarize

    I just got my police spain certificate, I will translate by someone who is certified and member ATIO, do I need notarize and affidavit too or no? Thank.. Because I already sent my document and other police certificate in same time. I just need to submit my home police and spain.please senior can...
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    Any person apply CEC under not 5252 or 5251 as coach or athlete

    Anyone apply CEC under nice 5252.. Or athlete . Thank.