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    SINP January 2017

    It is a good sign.. you may get response soon...
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    SINP OID OPEN - 22 NOVEMBER: Successful Applicants Join Here

    Sorry to hear that.. what did they provide as reason ?
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    SINP OID OPEN - 22 NOVEMBER: Successful Applicants Join Here

    Glad to hear the your app progress.. again its SINP.. sometimes its days or may take months.. what is your app number.. means first four digits ? just to take an idea if they are working as per app number now or still unpredictable..
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    SINP OID OPEN - 22 NOVEMBER: Successful Applicants Join Here

    I am also nov 22 applicant still waiting, not sure what is going on... Lets hope for the best...
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    Sinp Occupation in Demand - 2016

    I applied on Nov 23.. still waiting.. your 4 months have passed.. you can email them for an update...
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    SINP - Secondary Review after rejection

    Hi Ejaz, When did you apply ? can you pls let us know the timeline... also share your role & responsibilities & education.. so we can see what went wrong..
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    SINP OID AUGUST 2016 Lets connect here

    Hi All, Is anyone still waiting for nomination from Aug 31 intake. Thanks Rahul
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    SINP reply for leaving province after two months

    Hey Guys... Can someone please tell what to make out of the teply from sinp ? Thanks Rahul
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    SINP reply for leaving province after two months

    Hi All, Below is the reply from SINP to an SINP resident to leave SK after living two months and not able to find the job. What to make of it ? Thank you for your inquiry, As a Permanent Resident of Canada you may work and live in any province, however, an individual is nominated to...
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    SINP :- International Skilled Worker - Express Entry Sub-Category, Network Here

    Hi all, I am sakatchewan nominated applicant.. soon to be landing in ontario.. then fly to saskatchewan.. stay there for few days.. Can my friend in saskatchewan teceive my pr card on my behalf ? Thanks Rahul
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    ***Landing In Canada In 2016: Connect Here!***

    Hi All, I am sinp nominated applicant and will be landing soon. Can you please tell me what docs are needed at the time of landing. ? Thank you all..!
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    NOC 1252 - Any one ?

    Hi All, Any one here for NOC 1252. Need to discuss NOC Education match. Thanks Rahul
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    SINP NOC 1252

    Hi Amrit, Did you apply for SINP yet ? Thanks rahul
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    Will MPNP continue with same scheme as today for next year ?

    Hi all, I am planning to apply for MPNP.But my relative will need to stay in Manitoba for atleast one year. I am concerned that will this MPNP continue in the same format till end of next year. Can someone have an idea ? Thanks all
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    MPNP Application Batch 2016

    Please add me to the group +919811037796. Thanks Rahul
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    Post graduate diploma after Master's

    What did you studay for master's and which university.
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    SINP NOC 1252

    Hi all, Has anybody applied to SINP for noc 1252, i need to know if education noc match was done etc.. Thanks all..
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    Job prospects, Business Information Technology Dip, Red River College, Winnipeg

    Hi All, can someone please reply.. How are job prospects of doing Business Information Technology Diploma program at Red River College, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Thank You All...!!!