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  1. vensak

    Marriage of conveniance with a PR

    I guess I would specify it. We assume that there was no fraud when it comes to marriage of convenience in order to get permanent residency. However that does not mean that there was not fraudulent intention at all. That would be when ti comes to gain access to your money and request to support...
  2. vensak

    PRTD - accompanying a Canadian citizen

    Given the little info there. What is unclear is what was her status as of September 2014 (before she married her husband). If she was not in common law already, then that is the problem there. I guess important here might be tax declarations for those years they were supposed to live together...
  3. vensak


    Maybe not. Check their website about their PNP. However they will either selectively invite you or you need to be very quick to apply when they reopen their program. I guess you have a lot reading first about different PNPs.
  4. vensak

    My mum & sisters are refugees but I don’t know if I am too

    How old were you when your mother applied for PR? Because there is an age limit until you can be a dependent. Also you are correct your travelling can be much riskier given your family history (refuge claim). Additionally anybody who you will vouch for in next few years to visit you, will have...
  5. vensak

    Missed appeal deadline for PR renewal

    Additionally her transfer to abroad needs to be seen always as a temporary and once ended she should have position in Canada secured. Such transfers are usually meant for people that go abroad to start a new branch or to temporary help with a difficult situation. It is never meant a permanent...
  6. vensak

    LMIA Exempt - ICT - Job Offer

    Attention until now he did not have proper Canadian contract he was "expat". So even if it is LMIA exempt he needs to work for them for 1 year under that contract until he can claim those points.
  7. vensak

    3 marriage and 2 divorce with same spouse

    It is even better. Regardless if it is with the same person or not, you should have report yourself as divorced for the application. And it would take you another year after your last divorce with that person to gain back common law status. Which is also something you did not mentioned in your...
  8. vensak

    Approved PR Soft landing: Boarding denied by airlines (in USA) as travel was not cleared by the Canadian officials

    I would get GCMS notes as well if I were you. Just to make sure there is nothing else there. And technically you will be only finally approved as PR once the immigration officer and you will sign your COPR during the landing process. So technically they can revoke it at any time.
  9. vensak

    G1 and Foreign Drivers Licence

    1. drive test is now opened to book G2 tests in Ontario (website is working again) 2. you can still try to rent a car using your foreign driving licence or international driving licence. If the company will rent you for the test day good for you. 3. Worst case scenario just check for special...
  10. vensak

    Move out of Quebec for EE

    1. you do not need an English test, you need English or French test (both languages are equal). But if you take both you can get more points for 2 languages. 2. Honestly as nice as it sounds on paper keeping especially Quebec work contract might backfire (they will deem your intentions as not...
  11. vensak

    2nd wife of a Canadian Citizen, Outside Canada

    ok as he has only married you in Saudi Arabia, while he was still married, that marriage is not recognized in Canada, regardless if it is in Saudi Arabia where limited polygamy is recognized.. As for you, while he still lives with his official wife, you are nothing but a mistress when it comes...
  12. vensak

    Applying for husband sponsorship and form require child birth certificate with both parents

    Why would not it have father name? Only if father is unknown, there would not be a name on it. Which is a big difference. Of course if you are not married, you might need a fathers consent to write him on the birth certificate (which can be given as a legal document in most cases).
  13. vensak

    Help with crs - 466

    it is not that EE is closed, it is just they are not inviting FSW at the moment. I guess the only advise is to learn French at the moment. It is hard to tell if any province will invite accountants (currently that does not seem to be in high demand).
  14. vensak


    she would not be allowed to board the plane because of her pregnancy. So yes it is best for her to stay in her home country and deliver there. If she is not your common law, she would be considered as much as nobody to you (a friend is in these days nobody). And traveling visiting a friend is...
  15. vensak

    What if I am short by 25-30 days for my RO to renew My PR.

    when it comes to PR card application, they are strict. So that is a good way how to loose your PR status You have better chance returning on border crossing and be let in without being reported.
  16. vensak


    1. USA is a different country than Canada. It would not matter that you were in USA legally. 2. Even if a depandant is in Canada, medical is compulsory for all including children. Even if excessive burden is waived for refugees. So I still do not understand why you keep saying that. You might...
  17. vensak


    Ok it does not matter which way you mother has gained her PR (economic class, refugee claim or family class or other). In any PR application she had to list all her dependants weather they will accompany her or not. Failing to do so will exclude such dependants to be ever sponsored by her in...
  18. vensak

    Canadian citizen in Manila, trying to get Filipina partner and our son home

    Not really. Like everybody else Taiwan got alert only in mid of January. (yes there were some small local newspaper reports before, but they did not make it beyond that province border.). Normally they do get a decent amount of travelers from mainland China (mainly tourists), however there was...
  19. vensak

    Canadian citizen in Manila, trying to get Filipina partner and our son home

    1. Taiwan is an island, which makes it easier. 2. Taiwan reacted very very selfishly as well (ban export of certaind PPE). If every country that does have large production would do that, then lot of countries are screwed. 3. Also they were just lucky, as it so happened China was punishing them...
  20. vensak

    Citizenship by Descent, grandfather

    Your mother have to be born in Canada in order for you to be citizen. Because as it is you are 2nd generation, so tough luck.