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    APRIL 2020 - INLAND Spousal Sponsorship select the month you want
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    *** March 2020 INLAND Spouse Sponsorship ***

    On that form it’s correct. If there aren’t any dependents and you are the only applicant it’s one. When linking to GCKEY where it wants you to enter the number of people then there you include the sponsor and it becomes 2. So don’t get yourself confused and worried about that
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    APRIL 2020 - INLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    Check the spreadsheet
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    APRIL 2020 - INLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    Having a job is not a requirement if you are a PR/Citizen sponsoring a spouse. You just need to show proof that you can support them and won’t need social assistance. You can read more on the complete guide to sponsor spouse or common law partner
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    Spousal sponsorship supporting letter

    Just to add, if it’s an electronic signature, have them add their contact information (numbers and email). You can also send letters sent you you straight as an email. You print the email in a way it shows the sender’s email address. And they should include other contact information as well.
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    July 2020, Inland Spousal PR Applications

    It always depends on the officer dealing with your papers. Some had their OWP returned for missing a marriage certificate although they had 1 copy with the PR application. Others OWP applications have been processed without success documents.
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    Yes. If he has visa or eta
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    Canadian Police Certificate

    If you look at the checklist for spousal sponsorship as well as the guide, it says if your current residence is Canada and have been here form more than 6 months, then you don’t have submit a PCC (from Canada). IRCC will make the request for it on your behalf
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    Procedural Fairness Letter - I need a lawyer

    Wouldn’t it be easier if you send them undoctored photos of the wedding ceremony?
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    IMM Generic Application form IMM 0008

    leave blank and write Not applicable
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    Workplace saying they need evidence we applied for permanent residency

    Can I keep working if my permit expires? How do I prove this to my employer?
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    Spousal sponsorship

    You will qualify for common law after living together for 12 consecutive months... with no break. If your boyfriend received an extension of stay then I assume he has been here for some months? And if you have been living together during this time with no breaks then you would qualify before his...
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    Spousal sponsorship

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    MARCH 2020 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship

    When was your delivered to them?
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    Workplace saying they need evidence we applied for permanent residency

    Also Include PR and OWP receipts. if the PA sent a webform to CIC and they responded the generic email that they are still processing applications from feb, you can attach this, as proof that CIC hasn’t started working on applications sent in April. Just to note however: they have not...
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    IMM-0008 - Typed and electronic signature?

    Yes under the consent part you have to 1. Write you name, 2 hand sign (where it says signature), and 3 enter date on the box for date. the imm0008 allows you to enter your name on the signature box (this would have sufficed as an electronic signature if it was an online application). However...
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    Four months since I applied and no news...

    It is going to be a long wait as long as COVID-19 is still a threat, especially because CIC doesn’t work alone in processing applications
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    IMM-0008 - Typed and electronic signature?

    Complete guide says to write name in the space provided and hand sign. Look at page 66