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    My wife sponsored me back in Sep 2017. Now she is filling the divoce. is she able to deport me? or claim spouse support?

    No she can’t have you deported, nor have your PR revoked. She can however claim child support from you and, if you’ve been working for the past 3 years and she hasn’t, she can probably go after spousal support.
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    PR priority processing for essential services workers

    Did you apply as a refugee?
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    Indians can now fly to US, UK, Canada, UAE Under 'Air Bubble' Agreement, all visas permitted

    You should be referring g to the Canadian government guidelines. Not some site from India.
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    Hi, has anyone got visitor visa approved without meeting requirement for travel exemption today?

    Most likely they aren’t processing applications for anyone other than immediate family members. Your sister isn’t an immediate family member.
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    Status of Passport after receiving PR

    If she received her PR under spousal, she doesn’t qualify for an RTD. She needs a passport from her home country if that’s the case.
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    Did you redact your private information?

    Not that they actually talk, but CRA has all that information anyway.
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    Chinese Wife Denied Visa

    It’s not uncommon for spouses to be denied a trv for the simple reason they are not visitor and intend to remain through sponsorship. While not illegal to do so, it does go against what a trv is actually for.
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    Applying for Wellfare

    You can’t break the agreement. The government will recover any money’s paid out. Sensibly, if you can’t support your family, the alternative would be to delay sponsorship until you can.
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    Infant TRV refused

    Start here:
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    Apprenticeships are extremely difficult to obtain for foreign nationals. Employers still have to apply for a LMIA. The issue revolves around a required work permit and a student visa and the 4 years to complete.
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    Help. Intra Company Transfer work permit rejected! (Apply from India)

    Immigration probably sees your Canadian subsidiary as a means to obtain immigration and not a actual company. You have no employees that require managing for an ICT to be valid. Do you have any actual business transactions or dealing between the two entities?
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    Inland spouse application rejection

    Just a quick addition to the above....there is no appeal for inland sponsorship. The decision is final.
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    procedural fairness letter

    Not mentioning them is misrepresentation. Despite what you assume about giving approximate dates, noting they occurred is more important than precise dates they happened.
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    If I marry a Canadian Citizen online, Can I enter canada as an inmmediaty family member?

    Just emphasis what most have already said, you will not be considered married, nor will you be considered a family member. Proxy marriages are not recognized by IRCC. Don’t waste your time.
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    procedural fairness letter

    You could have included estimated dates of occurrence. The fact you have left it up to them to figure it out is far worse than giving approximate dates.
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    Political asylum

    More details
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    Apply for PRTD or travel with Expired PR Card via Car from US.

    The article relates to new immigrants who’s COPR and/ or immigrant visas have expired due to Covid travel restriction, not existing PRs.
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    CICNEWS ON AUG 5, 2020

    You will be allowed to enter, but there is still the risk of being reported for not meeting residency obligation. IRCC has not indicated there will be any leniency regarding Covid and residency obligation. Does your family also have PR status?
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    CICNEWS ON AUG 5, 2020

    Only through a land border with the US and without using commercial transportation ( walk, drive your own car). Any other means or from any other country will require a current PR card or a PRTD. Note that the article you reference is for those with COPRs and immigration visas.
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    Humanitarian and compasionate case

    I’m many times can you apply for H&C? This all seems completely ridiculous that after being denied you can just apply again. Let’s hope IRCC/CBSA follow up with a departure order and removal.