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    Validity of Job Offer Letter: It has words "maybe".

    Technically this doesn't meet the requirements to claim job offer points since the letter doesn't include the below which is required in order for it to be classified as a job offer for the 50 points...
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    Job offer verification

    FYI - Just because you can find this information online doesn't make the company real. It's quite common for scammers to set up fake web sites for companies that don't actually exist. We see this here all of the time.
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    Job offer verification

    Having to pay up front and being told that you will be reimbursed later is a sign this is a scam. Real employers don't do this. No telephonic or skype interview is another sign of a scam. If they offered to pay for your flight / accommodations / food, that's yet another sign of a scam...
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    Validity of Job Offer Letter: It has words "maybe".

    Are you looking to claim 50 points under Express Entry for having a job offer? If so, the letter needs to state that they will continue to employ you for at least one year after you become a PR.
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    Georgian College for Big Data Analytics

    If your aim is to get PR in Canada, then you want to study for 2 years to qualify for a 3 year PGWP. Low chances of PR with just a 1 year program. Either take two 1 year programs or one 2 year program. Your choice.
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    Stalled TWP & PR applications - Advice

    What you are experiencing is normal right now and there's really not much you can do but wait. Unfortunately pretty much all work permits and PR applications are taking lonter to process due to COVID-19. In fact, IRCC communicated some time ago (March? April?) that all PR applications will be...
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    PR Card Processing time

    Yes - you can leave Canada without a PR card. Yes - you can have your family mail the PR card to you once received.
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    Permanent Resident

    Yes - people have been approved.
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    PR Card Processing time

    Processing times for new PR cards are around 130 days right now and this doesn't include mailing times. If you only landed in July, it's way too early to be expecting your PR card. You'll be looking at November / December.
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    Refund of CIBC GIC deducted more than 400 dollars

    This is due to fx rate differences on the buy and sell side. This is normal and how banking works gloabally where you are exchanging currencies. I don't see there's anything you can do since you agreed to this when you signed up for the GIC. See CIBC's terms and conditions...
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    a contract letter from umepona farm canada. confirm its realty .

    Everything is fake. This is a scam.
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    Five years ban.

    No - it won't be clear. The fact you received a 5 year ban will remain in the system forever. This will not go away after 5 years. If you apply for a visa after the 5 year ban is over, you must declare that you were previously refused a visa to Canada and banned.
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    Inquiring to bring my mother

    Biometrics cannot be waived.
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    TRD 2020

    Join discussions here:
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    Indians can now fly to US, UK, Canada, UAE Under 'Air Bubble' Agreement, all visas permitted

    Seems odd that no one in the Canadian media is reporting this.
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    Proof of relative relationship

    Post your question to the PNP section of the forum.
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    Five years ban.

    After five years have passed you can apply for a visa.
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    Less cRS score

    - Retake IELTS and get a higher score - Get a Master's degree (if you don't already have one) - Learn French so that you can get additional points from taking the French language test