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    COPR and coronavirus

    As you have already determined there seems to be nothing about this on the IRCC website or even any mention in the Canadian press, only the Indian press which for such a major announcement seems odd. Cannot add anything else other than to advise to monitor IRCC and the Canadian press.
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    Message to minister of immigration

    Do you have a better story ? Maybe the virus arrived in Canada through divine intervention or maybe an alien landing ?
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    visitor visa help please

    So you checked the processing time here, but also be aware all applications are taking longer due to COVID and reduced staff levels. Note there are travel restrictions in place as well due to COVID even if a visa is approved...
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    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    After all this time you have obviously failed the 2 years out of 5 years residency obligation. To travel back to Canada you either need a valid PR card or a PRTD. If you apply for a PRTD then it is likely the process to revoke your PR status will be started for failing the residency obligation...
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    Can I reapply through sponsorship if found medically inadmissible through EE?

    Only advice would be to never ever hide anything from immigration you will regret it and could end up with a ban for misrepresentation if discovered at any time.
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    a contract letter from umepona farm canada. confirm its realty .

    Really 12500 dollars a month after tax for a farm manager job with a promised 20 percent annual increase. Why would anyone think this was real based on this salary Average if you google for a farm manager would only be around 60000 per year if lucky and not the ridiculous figure quoted
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    Got a Job Offer, Kindly asses whether its Fake or Orginal.

    Just check out the website pictures in the gallery section showing a tropical scene for the swimming pool. That should tell you all you need to know for a hotel in Toronto, totally fake
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    Hello Guys, I've recieved an invitation to apply from an candian employer from job bank does anybody

    The company looks possibly legit but what sort of algorithm picks an IT person for a CFO position other than maybe fact the job posting maybe looked for Microsoft experience as the common theme
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    Indians can now fly to US, UK, Canada, UAE Under 'Air Bubble' Agreement, all visas permitted

    Interesting given UK is no longer in the EU yet these article refer to EU restrictions. Regardless travellers from India are still not exempt from 14 day isolation requirement for either UK or Canada. And as above unless there is a corresponding announcement on the Canadian side current...
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    PR visa vs. Student visa

    Well first point might be why you have opened up a 7 year old thread. Anyway a study permit will cost you up to 20k CDN plus 10k CDn per year and you need at least a 2 year course to get a 3 year PGWP. So plan on a 3 to 5 year plan to get any where near PR with work experience from the PGWP in...
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    Job offer fake or real ?
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    Find a hotel job in canada

    There are no jobs or employers on this forum Also be aware there are many fake job offers for hotels where the offers will inlcude any one of accommodation, flights or food, all fake as employers will not offer any of that even less so hotels. Criminals even create fake hotel websites to...
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    Applying for visitor visa for my sister

    But she still is only a temporary resident in Australia with an appeal pending on her Australian PR refusal which could be refused at any time. Missing you is not a real resson for a visit to Canada and the fact she has applied for Australian PR which was refused can give the impression she is...
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    Five years ban.

    Until 2024 What everyone needs to be reminded of is that the applicant alone, you, is responsible for any immigration application so makes no difference the fact an agent submitted fraudulent documents on your behalf as it your application not the agents
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    Is IRCC discriminating?

    True HK is part of China and maybe the wording was incorrect but the poster was trying to point out if someone comes from Hong Kong they only need an ETA to travel as opposed to India or even China where a visa( TRV) is required to travel to Canada
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    Regarding St. Lawrence College

    Whether anyone succeeds in getting a job would be more influenced by the qualification achieved
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    Citizenship Test

    So you would be happy for your personal/ confidential information to be pushed out to an employees home where it could be seen or even shared with anyone who happens to be located or visits said home or worst case mislaid. That’s a pretty big responsibility to place on a government employee...
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    Parents visit and quarantine plan?

    That may be true but still worth a reminder that a sister is not an immediate family member so cannot visit at this point in time even if a visa is approved
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    HELP - payment failed

    contact your bank first given many banks have security protocols in place to block online foreign transactions that do not map to usual spending patterns. If bank say not an issue then contact IRCC
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    Fitness instrucror

    You would need a job offer and an employer willing to sponsor an LMIA which for your stated profession may be very hard if not impossible to achieve from outside of Canada.