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    Can I reapply through sponsorship if found medically inadmissible through EE?

    Your use of the Canadian medical system will be visible to the immigration agents without giving out private medical insurance so it is impossible to hide your condition. Impossible for us to calculate the potential cost of your care. You would be surprised how many people are approved. I...
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    Message to minister of immigration

    The quarantine plans for people returning to Canada is very clear. Someone did not quarantine for 14 days which started the outbreak.
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    Family class sponsorship (common-law) August 2020

    Yes that should be fine as long as it has your address and the dates.
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    New travel exemption for immediate family member not being honoured or implemented by OUTCAN visa offices

    Your best bet is for your spouse to visit the US but they will need to quarantine on the way back.
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    TRV-Visitor (Parents and My Aunt (Mother's Sister))

    Think you need to expect that extended family members like an aunt may not be able to travel until after there is a vaccine and a significant number of Canadians have been immunized. Would plan for just your parents to come if they get a visa and want to visit in the near future.
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    SuperVisa parents / grandparents

    Flagpoling is currently not allowed.
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    US Citizen Baby and Canadian PR Parents

    Your wife qualifies right away if she plans on meeting the RO for OHIP. Your child will not qualify for healthcare until he/she gets PR.
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    Is Paid-leave when in a full time job counted under continuous work experience?

    You can't count the hours but it would be continuous if you return back to work for that employer. You can count the time before and after thr leave.
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    Extension of stay

    No this is a very common situation.
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    Flag poling in current conditions. (COVID-19)

    A Canadian child makes no difference. You still need to apply online.
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    Flag poling in current conditions. (COVID-19)

    Automated won't pick up questionnable applications that's why it is not automated or automatic.
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    Dependents of Work-permit applicant

    You don't have to work on an OWP. She isn't a temporary visitor so a TRV has a higher chance of being denied versus an OWP.
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    Spouse open work permit application while husband is a NOC A worker for 2 years under I.E.C.

    A spouse must be included im your PR application. If a spouse is listed as non-accompanying you can apply to sponsor then while you are in Canada after you get your PR.
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    Extension of stay

    No she can stay until she hears about her extension.
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    Inquiring to bring my mother

    Would add that supervisa insurance only covers emergencies and not routine treatment. There may also be a clause about not covering treatment for any preexisting conditions if she is currently receiving treatment. Supervisa remains a visitor visa so she can remain as a visitor but will have to...
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    Spouse open work permit, Implied status.

    Currently most programs are online.
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    inland application: time from online approval to receive the permit?

    Healthcare professions are not fast tracked since most aren’t licensed to practice in Canada. Highly skilled IT workers tend to qualify for faster processing.
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    Work visa

    It will be very difficult to immigrate based on your age and your job experience. There is no need for extra people in the tourism sector. Could your wife be the primary applicant?
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    Dependents of Work-permit applicant

    Just the opposite unfortunately because your wife isn’t going to be a temporary visitor.
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    Rejection of visa because of medical inadmissiblity

    You have to mention any medical problem or it is misrepresentation. If you are bable to prove that you are stable and are working/studying it shouldn’t be an issue.