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  1. myra20sharma

    CEC May 2018 applicants

    Woohoo! That's progress... And I was missing updates, thanks for tagging. So happy for you my friend. :-D
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    Voila - Time for VV

    What are the chances of approval for an unmarried professional? ----> Being single and having immediate family members in Canada, ties you more to Canada than to your country of residence, provided you have overwhelming ties to India - like really stable job, mostly Govt. or a house/property in...
  3. myra20sharma

    Process after PPR?

    Yes bluedart!
  4. myra20sharma

    Process after PPR?

    My mother submitted hers on a Thursday back in April in VFS Delhi. It was sent to VFS Chandigarh for process (sometimes they split the work when overloaded, or that's what I assumed at least, lol) and on the very Saturday she got her processed passport back through courier.
  5. myra20sharma

    June 2019 TRV Timelines

    Anyone who has submitted a biometric, gets a Correspondence Letter irrespective of the decision.
  6. myra20sharma

    Process after PPR?

    Yes, they do not need consent form as they are going themselves. Also, ask your parents to specifically mention about enrolling for courier service for return of the processed passport. VFS won't do it unless you ask for it :) At least I know that's what Delhi VFS does.
  7. myra20sharma

    Process after PPR?

    Congratulations!!!!! 1. Since I cannot book appointment for passport submission, what is the procedure at VFS center? --> Walkin with passport and passport submission letter 2. Do my parents only need to submit PPR copy and original passport? ---> Yes 3. Should they go to VFS Delhi or they can...
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    June 2019 TRV Timelines

    Yeah, as seen in most cases Correspondence is followed by decision.
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    Students for September 2019 intake

    If medical is passed, you would now receive a "Correspondence Letter" a.k.a "Biometrics Validity Letter", followed by a decision. But nobody knows how long would it take. :)
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    Processed Passport Dispatched

    Decision has been made on the application. You can also see it online by linking your file by creating a GC key account, if not already. Or wait for passport to arrive. Create a new GC Key account. On the link, click "Sign in or...
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    Students for September 2019 intake

    People have gotten decision without any acknowledgment letter also. :-)
  12. myra20sharma

    Students for September 2019 intake

    Are your Eligibility in "Reviewing" and Background in "Processing"?
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    Visitor visa online help

    1. Purpose of visit 2. Financial Support (applicant's own) 3. Home Ties 4. Family Ties 5. Travel history if #1 is weak
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    Living In Canada over 6 months.

    A TRV lets you stay in Canada for 6 months. People apply for extension, if they wish they stay longer and often have gotten theirs, provided they have legit purpose to stay
  15. myra20sharma

    visitor visa refusal

    I don't share personal information. What was the purpose of visit?
  16. myra20sharma

    Request for withdrawal of visa application

    You can withdraw your application using And no, it will not affect your future applications, provided you are truthful about any future application(s). :-)
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    Biometrics mistake - help! [resolved]

    But I think won't get one yet as yours is an online application and you haven't submitted anything to VFS
  18. myra20sharma

    Biometrics mistake - help! [resolved]

    Those emails have visa office.. That's why I was asking...
  19. myra20sharma

    Biometrics mistake - help! [resolved]

    Did you get any VFS email, or an acknowledgment email yet?
  20. myra20sharma

    pending final decision

    Link your application online, you'll see some actual status; Create a new GC Key account. On the link, click "Sign in or create an account to apply online" on right and go down a little to "continue to GC Key" and click it. Now...